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List of Team Rocket's disguises

Team Rocket's disguises, commonly used in Sun & Moon series

Jessie, James and Meowth, like other Team Rocket members, often use a variety of disguises in order to carry out their schemes. The obvious and bizarre costumes serve as a running gag in the anime, where Ash and his friends usually fail to recognize Team Rocket until it is too late.


Original series


Disguise Episode Description
Disguises EP014.png
Electric Shock Showdown Jessie, James, and Meowth appear in black Ōendan outfits, complete with hats, black shades, and a flag emblazoned with an R. Jessie's outfit has a blue undershirt, James's a red one, and Meowth's is green. Misty sees through their disguises and thanks them for their support, much to their surprise. This disguise reappears in The Problem with Paras.
Team Rocket ganguro girls.png
Battle Aboard the St. Anne Jessie and James both appear in Ganguro styles, infamous for having dark tans and bright makeup. Their outfits include black shoes, short skirts, and James wearing a blonde wig that somewhat resembles his regular hairdo, and Jessie an orange one similar to her hairstyle, making this the first time James dresses like a woman in the series.
Team Rocket Disguise EP015.png
Jessie and James later pose as waiters on the St. Anne alongside other Team Rocket Grunts to help support Giovanni's plan to steal all of the Pokémon belonging to the Trainers aboard the ship.
Beauty and the Beach Jessie and James both don swimsuits to enter the Swimsuit and Pokémon Costume contest, and James wears an inflatable bodysuit giving him large breasts to give him a more feminine appearance. James' disguise is notable for causing the initial ban of this episode in the United States.
Disguises EP022.png
Abra and the Psychic Showdown Jessie and James wear hula girls outfits complete with lei necklaces, green grass skirts and wigs. They greet Ash and his friends as they enter Saffron City, and whisk them away to a building to collect their prize for being the millionth visitor to the city.
Disguises EP026.png
Pokémon Scent-Sation Jessie and James disguise themselves as "Ashley's" parents, with Jessie wearing a pink kimono robe and glasses and her hair tied up in a bun on top, and James wearing a bald cap, a fake nose and glasses with Meowth hidden under his shirt to simulate a belly
Pokémon Fashion Flash Jessie and James are disguised as fashion artists. Jessie wears a black top and a red slit skirt, while James wears a long black coat and red slacks. Both also wear glasses. Meowth simply wears a blue jacket with a yellow undershirt, serving as the cashier for Salon Roquét.

Jessie and James reused these outfits in All Things Bright and Beautifly! and Win, Lose or Drew!. Jessie would again reuse this outfit for the Lilycove Pokemon Contest in Pokéblock, Stock and Berry and Lessons in Lilycove.

Disguises EP029.png
The Punchy Pokémon Jessie, James and Meowth steal Giant’s clothes and Hitmonlee to enter the P1 Grand Prix.
Team Rocket Disguise EP032.png
The Ninja Poké-Showdown Jessie and James interrupted Ash's Fuchsia Gym match while dressed in kabuki costumes.
Disguises EP042.png
Showdown at Dark City Jessie, James and Meowth appear wearing Japanese scarves and coats upon entering the restaurant to pose as Kaz Gym bodyguards.
Disguises EP045.png
The Song of Jigglypuff Jessie and James both disguise themselves as punk rockers, complete with leather jackets, pierced ears, wild wigs and the like, when they let our heroes use a stage to let Jigglypuff Sing.

They reused these costumes in A Breed Stampede! and Fighting Ire with Fire!

Disguises EP048.png
Holy Matrimony! Jessie and Meowth wear black "invisible" costumes and push James into his parents' estate as Jessie tries to imitate James's voice to collect the will.

Meowth wears the "invisible" costume again in Ready, Willing, and Sableye. The "invisible" costumes were reused by all three in the two-part Ash versus Paul battle arc, Pedal to the Meddle and Evolving Strategies.

Disguises EP050.png
Who Gets to Keep Togepi? Jessie and James pose as female Egg-sellers with old-fashioned dresses, bonnets, and baskets full of fake Pokémon Eggs in an attempt to steal the Togepi Egg.
Disguises EP053.png
The Purr-fect Hero Jessie and James perform a fake magic act for the schoolchildren, with Jessie wearing a magician's tuxedo, top hat and glasses, and James wearing a pink dress and disguised as the lovely assistant.
Team Rocket Disguised Officers.png
The Case of the K-9 Caper Jessie and James disguise themselves as Officer Jenny while using a megaphone that disguises their voices as other characters, such Ash and Misty.

The trio reuses these outfits in Losing Its Lustrous! and Double Team Turnover!.

Disguises EP055.png
Pokémon Paparazzi Jessie and James pose as an elderly couple, complete with gray wigs and old-fashioned clothes. Jessie wears glasses and James wears a fake mustache.

Jessie reuses the disguise in Beauty is Skin Deep.

Disguises EP056.png
The Ultimate Test Jessie and James enter the Pokémon League test in disguise. Jessie wears a gray woman's business outfit, black skirt, glasses with her hair in braids and black Mary Jane shoes, while James also wears glasses, along with a blue suit. This is also one of the few times where one of the duo didn't recognize the other in disguise, James didn't recognize Jessie until after she took off her glasses.
Team Rocket Disguise EP061.png
The Misty Mermaid The trio wears Swan Lake-inspired costumes and performs in the Cerulean Gym's Underwater Ballet show. Jessie dresses as a prince, while James is in a pink tutu and Meowth has a swan float ring around his waist.

James's ballet outfit reappears in Flower Power.

Team Rocket Disguise EP062.png
Clefairy Tales Jessie and James pose as aliens, complete with their own UFO, while kidnapping Pikachu.
Disguises EP065.png
Showdown at the Poké-Coral Jessie and James disguise themselves as a news crew for PNN, Pokémon News Network, and they wanted to interview Ash in a segment called Pokémon Masters of Tomorrow. This is the first time that they tricked someone onscreen who wasn't Ash and his friends. Instead, they tricked Delia into telling them where Ash is.
Team Rocket Disguise M01.png
Mewtwo Strikes Back Jessie and James pose as Vikings, with Meowth as the boat's figurehead. In their latest ploy, they offer Ash and his friends a trip from Old Shore Wharf to New Island, and later their boat is overturned by a large wave.
Team Rocket Disguise EP071.png
To Master the Onixpected! The trio poses as old hermits and attempts to steal meatball kebabs from a rest stop near Mt. Hideaway.

They reappear in these outfits in The Poké Spokesman.

Team Rocket Disguise EP073.png
Bad to the Bone! Jessie wears this outfit as she makes her own way to compete in the Indigo League with Otoshi's stolen Badges. She also attempted to steal another Trainer's Badges, but James and Meowth intervened.

Jessie appears in a similar outfit in Outrageous Fortunes as a fortune teller and cons Delaney into handing over his prized Poliwrath. Jessie would wear this outfit again in A Togepi Mirage!, though it is colored purple this time.

TR disguises EP074.png
All Fired Up! Jessie and James disguise themselves as League Officials in ancient Greek maidens' costumes. They are able to take the Moltres Flame from the torch bearer during the Indigo League Opening Ceremony.
Disguises EP076.png
Fire and Ice Jessie is disguised in a Nurse Joy costume complete with a mask and James disguises himself as an ordinary nurse (with a surgical mask covering his mouth and glasses) at a fake Pokémon Center that they set up. Surprisingly Jessie's Nurse Joy disguise was an imitation of the real Nurse Joy's appearance where the lips did not move, which Brock took notice of.
Team Rocket Disguise EP078.png
A Friend in Deed Jessie and James pose as physical examiners for the Pokemon League, where they collect Pokémon from Indigo League competitors.

Orange Archipelago

Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise EP081.png
Pallet Party Panic! The trio poses as food vendors at Ash's welcome home party.
Team Rocket Disguise EP082.png
A Scare in the Air Jessie first appears in an air-hostess costume, while James is dressed as the captain in a ploy to get Ash and his friends to board their blimp destined for Valencia Island.
Team Rocket Disguise2 EP082.png
They are also disguised as a waitress and waiter aboard the blimp.
Team Rocket Disguise EP083.png
Poké Ball Peril The trio upgrades their blimp from the previous episode, and while dressed as air captains, they lure Ash and Misty onto their airship.
Team Rocket Disguise EP088.png
In The Pink Jessie and James take inspiration from Pinkan Island's unusually pink colored Pokémon, and pose as a pink Tauros and Gengar, respectively.

In Manectric Charge, the duo uses these costumes again to lure Ash and his friends into a fake carnival in Mauville City, but this time, they are based on Gengar and Tauros's typical color schemes.

Disguises EP090.png Stage Fight Jessie, James, and Meowth disguise themselves as pirates.

These costumes would later reappear in The Dunsparce Deception and The Treasure is All Mine!

Team Rocket Disguise EP100.png
Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon? Jessie and James cross-dress as newlyweds.
EP110 Team Rocket Disguises.png
The Stun Spore Detour James and Meowth don farmer costumes while they search for Salveyo Weed.
EP110 Team Rocket Disguises 2.png
The pair later poses as a mother pushing an infant in a stroller. However, Misty is not fooled by James's sad story or by the pair's disguises.


Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise EP118.png
The Double Trouble Header The trio poses as Team Electabuzz fans to convince Casey, an avid Electabuzz fan, to have a rematch against Ash while they plot to snatch Pikachu.
Team Rocket Disguise EP120.png Roll on, Pokémon! The trio disguises themselves as park rangers to avoid being detected while they illegally mine for amberite.
Disguises EP123.png The Spinarak Attack The trio dresses as medieval thieves stealing items akin to The Black Arachnid.

These disguises reappear in Takin' It on the Chinchou.

Disguises EP126.png The Chikorita Rescue Jessie and James disguise themselves as doctors, wearing full white suits with gloves, mouth covers, glasses and white skullcaps with red lines and a Red Cross on the front.
TeamRocketEP131Disguises.png Fighting Flyer With Fire Jessie and James are weakly disguised as survey takers from the Pokémon Bureau.
TeamRocketEP132Disguises.png For Crying Out Loud The trio are disguised as farmers.

James and Meowth would later reuse these outfits in Outrageous Fortunes.

Team Rocket Disguise EP135.png Grin to Win! Meowth disguises himself as a Sunflora for the first time. He dressed up as a Sunflora for a total of six additional times in the Pokémon anime, specifically in The Grass Route, A Bite to Remember, Pacifidlog Jam, All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!, A Secret Sphere of Influence!, and Three Sides to Every Story!.

Jessie and James reuse their casual outfits while competing in the Pastoria Croagunk Festival in Cream of the Croagunk Crop!.

Team Rocket Disguise EP138.png The Superhero Secret They first appear in costume as they flood water into their pitfall trap with Ash and his friends trapped inside.
Team Rocket Disguise2 EP138.png Team Rocket wears detective outfits while they spy on Ash and his friends.
Team Rocket Disguise3 EP138.png Jessie leads her "Metapod men", Meowth and James, to battle Gligarman.
Team Rocket Disguise EP144.png Gettin' The Bugs Out The trio decides to wear plant-inspired costumes to blend in with their surroundings while they wait to ambush Ash during his Azalea Gym challenge.
TeamRocketDisguisesEP146.png Tricks of the Trade Jessie and James disguise themselves as inventors with a "machine" that supposedly makes the user's Pokémon stronger, but instead, winds up as empty Poké Balls.
Team Rocket Disguise EP151.png The Totodile Duel Jessie and James pose as auxiliary ladies from the Pokémon Battler's Association, though Wobbuffet's unannounced appearance helped Ash and his friends see through the disguises.
JamesDisguiseEP157.png The Fortune Hunters James, inspired from a phony Pokémon zodiac book given to them by a disguised Butch and Cassidy, dresses in a Moltres costume for the first time. He wears the costume again in The Dunsparce Deception.
TeamRocketDisguisesEP160.png Air Time The trio disguises themselves as a ventriloquist act called "The Dugtrio Trio", with Meowth as the dummy.

Jessie and James reappear in these outfits in Some Like it Hot, though with purple and orange tuxedos and pants instead. In You Said a Mouthful, Jessie and James wear these same outfits while they take over Anthony's unofficial Gym. They reappear in these outfits again in Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!.

Team Rocket Disguise EP161.png The Bug Stops Here After learning that the Bug-Catching Contest was restricted to people under age 16, Jessie, James, and Meowth attempt to make themselves appear younger by dressing in student-style clothes, with Meowth as an infant.
Team Rocket's Disguise2 EP161.png Jessie wears a Venomoth costume as a ploy to attract Bug Pokémon to her, while James and Meowth are armed with nets.
Team Rocket Disguise3 EP161.png Jessie and James appear in kimonos, with Jessie holding a goldfish in a bag while James has sweet treats in his hands.
Team Rocket Disguise EP162.png Type Casting The trio disguises themselves as trees, helping them camouflage with their forest surroundings while they plot to steal a wild Sudowoodo.
Team Rocket Disguise EP166.png Two Hits and a Miss Team Rocket arrives on the scene in ninja outfits. While Jessie and James wear navy-blue, Meowth and Wobbuffet are dressed in red.
Team Rocket Disguise EP168.png Hook, Line and Stinker Jessie and James appear in polo shirts and shorts while they compete in the Seaking Catching Competition.
Team Rocket Disguise EP169.png Beauty and the Breeder Jessie and James disguise themselves as stylists, while their Pokémon are elaborately and colorfully decorated as a part of the Pokémon Beauty Contest.
Team Rocket Disguise2 EP169.png After their cover was blown by Officer Jenny, Jessie and James pose as doctors, demanding that the beauty contestants hand over their Pokémon for a routine physical examination.

These disguises reappear in A Bite to Remember.

TeamRocketDisguiseEP174.png Imitation Confrontation Jessie and James disguise themselves as Duplica and Ash respectively. This appears to serve no real purpose as they immediately reveal themselves to the real Duplica and Ash and are not seen in the outfits again. James would repeat the Ash disguise in Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!.
Team Rocket Disguise EP176.png Ariados, Amigos Team Rocket announces their arrival with a magic show while wearing magician coats.
Team Rocket Disguise EP183.png Trouble's Brewing Team Rocket attends a tea ceremony at the Kimono Sisters' tea house dressed in their best formal attire.
Team Rocket Disguise EP185.png The Light Fantastic Jessie and James pose as archaeologists, with Meowth disguised as a mummy. Their disguises work, as they are led to Remoraid Lake.
Team Rocket Disguise EP187.png Moving Pictures Jessie and James performs their motto while wearing ski gear.
Team Rocket Disguise EP188.png Spring Fever Jessie and James pose as excavators in the hopes of finding a hot spring that they can earn money from.
Team Rocket Disguise2 EP191.png The Dunsparce Deception James disguises as a town messenger with a blue shirt, straw hat, and a hand bell while announcing the Pokémon stage show, in which James wears the Moltres costume first shown in The Fortune Hunters, and Meowth wears a Dunsparce costume, much to the disappointment of the kids watching.
Team Rocket Disguise EP192.png The Wayward Wobbuffet Jessie and James disguise themselves as scientists testing out a new invention, the PokéPod.
Team Rocket Disguise EP194.png Ring Masters Jessie and James wear Sumo wrestler costumes and enter the Sumo Conference, with Wobbuffet disguised as a Miltank.
Team Rocket's Disguise EP198.png The Heartbreak of Brock Team Rocket appears in more formal attire, with James posing as Temacu's fiancée and Jessie as her maid of honor.

Jessie wears the black dress and yellow blazer again in Xatu the Future, Pros and Con Artists, Cheer Pressure, Eight Ain't Enough, Hi Ho Silver Wind!, A Chip Off the Old Brock, and On Olden Pond.

Team Rocket Disguise EP201.png Doin' What Comes Natu-rally Team Rocket poses as acrobats while they kidnap the street performers' Pokémon.
Team Rocket Disguise EP203.png The Screen Actors' Guilt Jessie and James steal their outfits from two TV station security guards.

In Luxray Vision!, the group reuses these guard outfits to remain undetected while they steal an Old Charm.

Team Rocket Disguise EP205.png The Kecleon Caper Jessie and James take a pair of blimp attendant uniforms to remain undercover while they steal the passengers' jewelry and Pokémon.
EP207 Rock.png Got Miltank? Jessie and James disguise themselves as a desert rock to capture Pikachu.
Team Rocket Disguise EP210.png Around the Whirlpool Jessie and James pose as a waiter and waitress aboard a ship bound for the Whirl Islands.

In Vanity Affair, the trio wear these outfits while working at a waterfront café. Later they, Ash, and his friends are invited onto Drake's ship. Their café apparel proves to be the perfect disguise as the trio kidnap Pikachu with ease.

Team Rocket Disguise EP211.png Fly Me to the Moon The trio poses as meteorologists, and at Meowth's request, they assist Orville, a Pidgey, in his attempt to fly to the Moon.
TeamRocketDisguiseEP220.png The Mystery is History Jessie and James disguise themselves in standard black Team Rocket uniforms in order to sneak into an underwater Rocket lab and take credit for Professor Namba's plan. Later, in A Promise is a Promise, Jessie and James once again don the black Rocket uniforms in a second attempt to steal the captured Lugia.
EP226 Team Rocket Disguises.png Espeon Not Included Team Rocket disguises themselves as Geisha girls as they try to steal an unevolved Eevee that would later evolve into an Espeon.
EP230 R Eggs.png Hatching a Plan The trio and Wobbuffet make their entry as eggs with the R logo.
Team Rocket Disguise EP230.png Jessie and James wear electric-proof suits, complete with a blue helmet with protective visors and gloves. While their armor works, they forget to protect their balloon and are sent blasting off.
Team Rocket Disguise EP231.png Dues and Don'ts The trio poses as American footballers.
Team Rocket Disguise EP243.png Same Old Song and Dance Team Rocket's outfits are a reference to "Morning Musume", a famous Japanese female pop group.
TeamRocketDisguisesEP245.png Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up? The trio disguises themselves in Maroon Town as DJ Mary (Jessie), Professor Oak (James), and a loud-mouthed radio producer (Meowth). James would repeat the Oak disguise in A Faux Oak Finish!
Team Rocket Disguise EP248.png One Trick Phony! The trio had begun working at the Battle Park, but after seeing Ash and his friends arrive, they decide to pose as tough Trainers. They battle Ash using the park's Rental Pokémon.
Team Rocket Disguise EP251.png Beauty is Skin Deep Jessie and James pose as an elderly couple, which allows them to get close to Clair's Dratini.

James reuses this disguise in Which Wurmple's Which?.

EP255 Team Rocket Disguises.png Why? Wynaut! Team Rocket disguises themselves as reporters.
TeamRocketDisguisesEP258.png Hatch Me if You Can Jessie and James disguise themselves as Nurse Joy and a generic doctor, respectively, claiming to be from the New Bark Town Pokémon Center, with Meowth hiding in Jessie's dress to act as Nurse Joy's breasts. The two try to steal the Larvitar that just hatched after they get rid of the real Nurse Joy, but Brock is able to tell Jessie was an impostor due to the mask's mouth not moving, among other details.
Team Rocket Disguise EP259.png Entei At Your Own Risk Team Rocket poses as food taste test researchers and manage to lure Ash and his Pokémon into their truck before taking off. They reuse the disguises from Shocks and Bonds to At the End of the Fray.

Team Rocket wears similar outfits in Gathering the Gang of Four!, though the outfits also featured white undershirts. In Top-Down Training!, and from Tag! We're It...! to Smells Like Team Spirit!, the trio wears these outfits, but with blue shirts this time.

Team Rocket Disguise EP265.png Pop Goes the Sneasel! Meowth dresses up as a Sneasel to convince a wild Sneasel to join the trio. After their smoke-bomb goes off, Team Rocket only retrieves Meowth by mistake. Harrison goes on to battle and catch the Sneasel.

Meowth reappears as a Sneasel in The Keystone Pops!.

EP266 Team Rocket Disguises.png A Claim to Flame! Jessie, James, and Meowth wear the same waitress, waiter, and cook outfits in Brave the Wave.
EP266 Team Rocket Disguises 2.png Jessie and James pose as Silver League officials in an attempt to steal Pikachu.

Advanced Generation series

Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise AG011.png A Bite to Remember While Jessie and James pose as researchers, they use Meowth, disguised as a Persian, to illustrate the power of their evolution machine to Max and Poochyena. They also have Meowth dress as an Azurill, a Sunflora, an Aipom, and a Murkrow, while Pikachu and Pichu costumes are also seen.
Team Rocket Disguise AG013.png All Things Bright and Beautifly! Jessie and James pose as members of a congratulatory committee in an attempt to steal the Rustboro City Coordinators' Pokémon.
Team Rocket Disguise AG016.png The Winner by a Nosepass The trio dresses up as roadside construction workers while they dig a tunnel to the Rustboro Gym.

These outfits reappear in Poetry Commotion!, Going, Going, Yawn!, and Delcatty Got Your Tongue.

Team Rocket Disguise AG017.png Stairway to Devon Jessie and James pose as researchers in an attempt to infiltrate the Devon Corporation.
Team Rocket Disguise AG032.png Abandon Ship! Jessie and James pose as boaters and offer Ash and his friends a lift from Dewford Island to Slateport City.
Team Rocket Disguise M06.png
Jirachi: Wish Maker Jessie and James wear Clown costumes as they steal Pikachu in the middle of Butler's magician show.
Team Rocket Disguise AG035.png Win, Lose or Drew! In their second set of disguises, Team Rocket sells fake Pokéblock.

These outfits reappear in Dawn of a New Era!, where the trio lures Ash and his friends to their fake inn. However, the wind blows over the cardboard facades and reveals their true identities. James, Mime Jr., and Meowth wear these disguises once again in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!.

Team Rocket Disguise AG036.png The Spheal of Approval The trio poses as snow cone vendors outside Slateport City's Oceanic Museum.
Team Rocket Disguise AG039.png A Poké-BLOCK Party! Jessie and James enter Mauville City's Trick House in outfits resembling school uniforms.
AG042 Meowth disguise.pngTeam Rocket Disguise AG042.png Love at First Flight Team Rocket disguise Meowth as a Volbeat to snatch Juliet's Illumise. Jessie and James later performs their motto as an Illumise and Volbeat, respectively. Like the actual Pokémon, the costumes' tails light up.
Team Rocket Disguise AG044.png The Princess and the Togepi Jessie and James dress as Mirage Kingdom guards and kidnap Misty and her Togepi on Colonel Hansen's orders.
Team Rocket Disguise AG047.png I Feel Skitty! Jessie and James break into the Greenhouse run by Eliza dressed in royal regalia.
AG050.png Pros and Con Artists The trio sets up a fake Pokéblock shop in Fallabor Town in an attempt to scam money from Pokémon Coordinators.
Team Rocket Disguise AG050.png James and his Cacnea pose as satisfied customers.
Jessie AG051.png Come What May! Jessie enters the Fallabor Contest in a Dustox-inspired disguise as "Jessica".
Team Rocket Disguise AG054.png Fight for the Meteorite! Team Rocket poses as tour guides aboard the Mt. Chimney cable car service.
Team Rocket Disguise AG060.png Delcatty Got Your Tongue Jessie and James dress in traditional German clothing and pose as a couple seeking treatment for their injured Meowth in order to infiltrate Dr. Abby's clinic. Their facade is exposed after Meowth speaks while receiving a massage.

The trio reuses these outfits in Off the Unbeaten Path

Team Rocket Disguise AG062.png Disguise Da Limit Jessie performs in the Verdanturf City Contest as "Jesslana".

In Mean with Envy and Pacifidlog Jam, Jessie competed in the Pacifidlog Town Contest as "The Jester", using this disguise paired with dark sunglasses.

Team Rocket Disguise AG068.png A Double Dilemma Team Rocket dresses up as Petalburg City Gym Leader Norman and his family. Jessie disguises herself as Caroline, James as Norman, Meowth as May, and Wobbuffet as Max. The disguises fooled much of North Petalburg's citizens, but the real May and Max eventually revealed the trio's disguises.

James reuses the Norman disguise in Hi Ho Silver Wind!.

Team Rocket Disguise AG074.png Hokey Poké Balls! The trio poses as a repair crew and rigs the local Pokémon Center's Poké Ball Transporter machine to transfer the Poké Balls directly to them, with the Trainers receiving empty ones in return.
Team Rocket Disguise AG080.png That's Just Swellow While James competes in the Crossgate PokéRinger competition, Jessie sets up a massage stall with Meowth disguised as a satisfied Wingull in an attempt to steal Trainers' Pokémon.
Team Rocket Disguise AG093.png Clamperl of Wisdom Jessie and James pose as cleaners at Isaiah's lab to cover the fact that they stole a rare pearl.

These disguises reappear in The Ribbon Cup Caper.

Team Rocket Disguise AG096.png Training Wrecks Jessie and James pose as ship captains during their plan to ambush Ash and his friends on their journey from Muscle Island to Mossdeep City.
Team Rocket Disguise AG100.png Solid as a Solrock Jessie and James perform an operatic version of their motto in the Mossdeep Gym, complete with costumes.
Team Rocket Disguise AG104.png Claydol Big and Tall Team Rocket joins forces with Ash, his friends, and Sigourney to quell a rampaging giant Claydol. James and Ash dress as eggplants to attract Claydol, but Sigourney soon realizes that Claydol dislikes the vegetable. Following what the legend said of quelling the Claydol, the girls dress up as maidens, but it is Wobbuffet's maid outfit that attracts Claydol's attention.

Wobbuffet wears this outfit again in Tanks for the Memories! while working as a maid for Team Rocket's pop-up café.

Team Rocket Disguise AG105.png Once in a Mawile Team Rocket interrupts Samantha's ribbon dance with their own performance.
Team Rocket Disguise AG107.png Absol-Ute Disaster The trio poses as Absol hunters in a village in Izabe Island.
Lord Sir James Jamison.png Do I Hear a Ralts? James disguises himself in a grayish brown suit with a matching hat, white gloves, a mustache, and glasses, calling himself Lord Sir James Jamison, Esquire. Jessie and Meowth are disguised as a Gardevoir and a Kirlia, respectively. James would wear the same disguise in A Chip off the Old Brock but with a different mustache.

Meowth's Kirlia costume reappears during the Pacifidlog Contest Battle Rounds in Pacifidlog Jam.

This is the first time their ruse was blown by the Pokédex. It identified Meowth by its species rather than as a Kirlia. Later on, a similar incident happened, albeit with Meowth disguised as a Shiftry instead of a Kirlia.

Team Rocket Disguise AG111.png Eight Ain't Enough In their money-making scheme, James poses as Sootopolis City Gym Leader Juan.
Team Rocket Disguise AG117.png Berry, Berry Interesting Jessie and James pose as professional Pokéblock tasters while Meowth and Wobbuffet steal the Pokémon Center's Pokéblock supply.
Team Rocket Disguise AG119.png The Ribbon Cup Caper Jessie and James disguise themselves as waiting staff aboard the S.S. St. Flower in the hopes of stealing the precious Ribbon Cup.
Team Rocket disguise AG122.png Deceit and Assist Having stolen his Contest Pass and Ribbons, Jessie disguises herself as Anthony in an attempt to enter the Hoenn Grand Festival. The real Anthony and his Swalot later foiled her ploy as she was about to walk onto the stage.
Team Rocket Disguise AG125.png Like a Meowth to a Flame Jessie and James disguise themselves as Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, respectively, while attempting to steal the Moltres Flame where a crowd of real Jennies and Joys are appearing. Interestingly, unlike when Jessie disguised as Nurse Joy previously, James does not use a mask, but their disguises for the most part appear flawless, except for their true eyes obviously being shaped differently from the real Joys and Jennies, and also because of James's blatantly fake falsetto voice.
Team Rocket Disguise AG133.png The Right Place and the Right Mime Team Rocket dresses up as characters from Pokémon Sunday. Jessie dresses as Becky, James as Red-Hakase, Meowth as Golgo-Sachou, and Wobbuffet as a human cameraman.
Team Rocket disguise AG140.png Sitting Psyduck Jessie and James, going by the pseudonym "Jemal", disguise themselves as grass sledding operators in a plot to steal a Psyduck.
Team Rocket Disguise AG143.png The Saffron Con Jessie wears a red dress for the Saffron City Contest. She wears this outfit again for the Chrysanthemum Island Contest in Spontaneous Combusken! and the Mulberry City Contest in New Plot, Odd Lot!
Team Rocket Disguise AG148.png A Chip Off the Old Brock Jessie and James pose as an elderly couple with their ill Snorlax, which is actually Wobbuffet and Meowth in a costume, to steal from Katie's pharmacy.
Team Rocket Disguise AG152.png On Olden Pond The trio poses as a team of architects for Mr. Saridakis' planned Leisure Land project.
Team Rocket Disguise AG156.png From Cradle to Save Jessie, James, and Meowth arrive at the Pokémon Ninja School in their own ninja outfits.
Team Rocket Disguise AG158.png Queen of the Serpentine Jessie disguises as Pike Queen Lucy, while Wobbuffet, James, and Meowth pose as the facility's attendants.
Team Rocket Disguise AG165.png King and Queen for a Day! Jessie and James pose as a welcoming committee and quickly escort Ash and his friends to a massage parlor in the hope of capturing Pikachu.

They wear these outfits again in Grating Spaces!, when the trio pose as re-decorators and temporarily take over the Pewter Gym. They reuse the outfits yet again while posing as traveling salesmen in Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!.

Team Rocket Disguise AG167.png What I Did for Love! Team Rocket sets up a stall outside the Gardenia Town Contest Hall, where they sell ribbons and Contest memorabilia. They are dressed in hippie-style clothing.
Team Rocket Disguise AG168.png Three Jynx and a Baby! Meowth and James's Mime Jr. disguise themselves as Smoochum in order to fool a trio of parent Jynx, but their disguises fail.
Team Rocket Disguise AG180.png May, We Harley Drew'd Ya! Jessie, under the pseudonym "Jessidia", serves as the Kanto Grand Festival host alongside Lilian Meridian. Meowth, Wobbuffet, and James are the camera crew.

"Jessidia" returned during the Wallace Cup from Staging a Heroes' Welcome! to Strategy with a Smile!, and again in Playing the Leveling Field!.

Team Rocket Disguise AG185.png Duels of the Jungle Meowth poses as a Weavile, but the disguise does not impress the wild Pokémon.

Meowth dresses as a Weavile again while competing in the Pokémon Dress-Up Contest in All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!.

Team Rocket Contest Judges.png The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! Jessie, James, and Meowth disguise themselves as Nurse Joy, Raoul Contesta, and Mr. Sukizo, respectively, and volunteer to judge the Contest Battle between May and Drew. However, their cover is blown by Harley and his Cacturne.
Team Rocket Disguise AG188.png Pinch Healing Team Rocket disguises themselves as members of the Pokésitter Union.
Team Rocket Disguise AG191.png Once More with Reeling! Team Rocket are disguised as fishermen while reeling in a group of Pokémon with a net.

Diamond & Pearl series

Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise DP007.png Like it of Lup It! Jessie, James, and Meowth pose as International Pokémon Court judges to preside over an argument over stolen Berries between a Golduck and a trio of Ludicolo. However, Team Rocket are revealed to be the true culprits.
Team Rocket Disguise DP008.png Gymbaliar! While establishing the unofficial Powerzone Gym, Jessie poses as the Gym Leader "Princess Powerzone", and wears a dress and glasses with remarkable likeness to her Seviper. James dresses up in a white suit with a pink shirt and matching pink tie and orange shades. Meowth wears a red suit with a blue bow tie and regular shades.
Team Rocket Disguise DP009.png Setting the World on Its Buneary! Officer Jenny shows Ash and his friends a surveillance photograph of Team Rocket from a recent robbery. The trio was revealed to have covered their faces with scarves while they stole machine parts to build their latest mecha.
Team Rocket as Clowns.png Not On MY Watch Ya Don't Jessie, James, and Meowth dress up as Clowns in Jubilife City while handing out Pokétches. However, the Pokétches are rigged with a speaker, which Team Rocket uses to hypnotize and steal Pokémon.

Team Rocket's disguises may be a reference to the trio of Clowns in Jubilife City featured in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Team Rocket Disguise DP014.png Leave It To Brocko! Jessie and James disguise themselves as Hikers, while Meowth dresses as a Shiftry. It is only after Dawn checks her Pokédex that Meowth's true identity is revealed.
Team Rocket Disguise DP015.png Shapes of Things to Come! Team Rocket dons miner gear while they excavate the Oreburgh Mine. They go undetected by Ash and his friends.

The trio reuses these outfits in Hot Springing a Leak!, Pedal to the Mettle!, and Uncrushing Defeat!.

Team Rocket Disguise DP016.png A Gruff Act to Follow! The trio disguises themselves as Ancient Pokémon experts disguises. They fool Dr. Kenzo, who takes them on a guided tour through the Oreburgh Mining Museum.
Team Rocket Disguise DP021.png Ya See We Want an Evolution The trio disguises themselves as the "C-Button League". Aside from shirts with the letter "C", they wear sunglasses with the letter "C" making up the frames.
Team Rocket Disguise DP029.png The Champ Twins! Jessie, James, and Meowth dress up like cowboys and pose as Trainers in order to get attention from the reporter Rhonda and her Sinnoh Now news team. They attempt the same ploy in All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!.
Team Rocket Disguise DP036.png A Secret Sphere of Influence! Jessie and James, with Meowth in disguise as a Sunflora, steal the Adamant Orb from the Eterna Historical Museum in broad daylight.
Team Rocket Disguise2 DP036.png After they realize that Meowth's disguise is too distinctive, the trio discards their first disguises for more respectable business attire. However, Dawn's Piplup and Nando's Sunflora see the trio change and later reveal Team Rocket's true identities to Ash and the others.
Team Rocket Disguise DP039.png Steamboat Willies The trio disguises themselves as an entertainer's group aboard a steamboat. Jessie poses as a pop idol, while Meowth and James wear Minun and Plusle costumes, respectively.
Team Rocket Disguise DP044.png Mass Hip-Po-Sis The trio dresses up as exquisite sand merchants to try to steal Hippopotas. They include a bag of sand to lure Hippopotas into and a picnic blanket in their disguise.
Team Rocket Disguise DP046.png A Maze-ing Race! The trio offers Dawn and her friends a map through a cave system in exchange for a group photo.
Team Rocket Disguise2 DP046.png Jessie, James, and Meowth pose as boulders to separate Ash and Pikachu while they navigate through a maze.
Team Rocket Disguise DP055.png Throwing the Track Switch Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet pose as employees from the Pokémon Au Pair service. However, James, who is still upset from leaving his Cacnea with Gardenia in the previous episode, spoils the scam.
Team Rocket Disguise DP056.png The Keystone Pops! Jessie and James pose as Psychics, while Meowth disguises himself as a Sneasel, to capture a troublesome Spiritomb.
Team Rocket Disguise DP062.png Tanks for the Memories! While setting up a pop-up cafe, Jessie and Wobbuffet wear French maid outfits, while James poses as a butler and Meowth as a baby. However, their overbearingly nice service and poor products scare customers away.
Team Rocket Disguise DP082.png Cream of the Croagunk Crop! Team Rocket competes in the Pastoria Croagunk Festival with Meowth dressed up as their Croagunk.
Pokémon Summer Academy Green Team.png Camping It Up! Team Rocket infiltrates the Pokémon Summer Academy. Jessie takes her position as the Green Team's leader "Jessilinda" while Meowth and James work as cleaners. The trio wears these disguises until One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!.
Team Rocket Black Arachnid.png A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine The Team Rocket trio wears disguises similar to that of The Black Arachnid and call themselves The Black Arachnid II as they steal from a Pokémon Center.
Jessie Fantina.png Battling The Generation Gap! Jessie, disguised as Jessilina, wears a Fantina-inspired look for her performance in the Celestic Town Pokémon Contest.
Team Rocket Disguise DP098.png If the Scarf Fits, Wear It! Jessie and James are disguised as Sinnoh Star reporters and Meowth as a photographer to find out about the Scarf Monster everyone is talking about in Solaceon Town. These costumes are used again in Stealing the Conversation!.
Team Rocket Disguise DP100.png Aiding the Enemy! The trio works at a local Pokémon Center as gardeners, even giving Paul's Torterra a pruning.
Team Rocket Disguise DP101.png Barry's Busting Out All Over! As part of their latest scheme to steal Pokémon, Team Rocket sets up a fake Poké Ball Storage Center in Hearthome City. Their plan and disguises fall through, however, after Barry asks for his Pokémon back.

In An Elite Coverup!, the trio wears similar outfits, with orange aprons instead, while they pose as Pokémon Breeders running a phony Pokémon Day Care.

Team Rocket Disguise DP103.png Jumping Rocket Ship! Jessie and James pose as an air hostess and cameraman, respectively.
Team Rocket Disguise DP104.png Sleepless in Pre-Battle! While wreaking havoc across Canalave City with their nightmare machine., Team Rocket makes money by selling fake Lunar Wings made from Pidgey feathers and lacquer. Officer Jenny overhears Meowth and busts the trio's scheme.
Team Rocket Pokémon Rescue Corps.png Get Your Rotom Running Team Rocket disguise themselves as members of the "Pokémon Rescue Group". They reuse these costumes in Piplup, Up and Away!.
Team Rocket Disguise DP106.png A Breed Stampede! Jessie and James were again disguised as punk rockers to draw attention to a poster to a school called the Pokémon Friendship School. Later, Jessie poses as a teacher at the Pokémon Friendship School while James is the aerobics instructor.
Team Rocket Disguise DP112.png Cheers on Castaways Isle! Jessie is disguised as a lady who has lost her Piplup, while James and Meowth are disguised as gentlemen.
Team Rocket Disguise DP113.png Hold the Phione! The trio starts another sham business, a Phione-watching tour. While Jessie and James pose as salespeople, Meowth wears a Phione costume. To the trio's surprise, however, several Phione actually appear during the tour.
Team Rocket Disguise DP124.png To Thine Own Pokémon Be True! James poses as a proud father in the audience as Jessie, going by the pseudonym "Jessilynlyn", and Meowth compete in the Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament.
Team Rocket Disguise DP125.png Battling a Cute Drama! In an attempt to steal Marilyn's Pokémon, Jessie poses as "Jessarilyn" alongside James's Mime Jr. The plan is thwarted after Marilyn refuses the battle offer because Mime Jr. isn't cute enough.
Team Rocket Disguise DP126.png Classroom Training The three disguise themselves as students at the Snowpoint school. Jessie and James wears glasses. While Jessie has a yellow blouse and long brown skirt, James wears a two-toned green raglan sleeve shirt and blue jeans and Meowth dons a yellow baseball cap with a blue oval, a purple T-shirt and blue shorts.
Team Rocket Disguise DP130.png Frozen On Their Tracks The trio wears trench-coats, hats, and dark glasses to remain undercover while they take they train between Snowpoint City and Lake Acuity.
Team Rocket Disguise DP135.png Beating the Bustle and Hustle! The trio stages a Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle event in Greenstation Town to recruit new Team Rocket members.
Team Rocket Disguise DP138.png Strategy Begins at Home! Team Rocket works for Sayer during the Twinleaf Festival. Some of their duties include preparing the Goldeen-catching game and running the Octillery snack stall. They remained in these outfits until Challenging a Towering Figure!.

The trio wears these outfits again while running a souvenir stall during the Lily of the Valley Conference, held from League Unleashed! to The Semi-Final Frontier!.

Team Rocket Disguise DP142.png Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Jessie and James are disguised as TV hosts and Meowth as a cameraman in order to lure Ash and his friends insider their "Trainer Tower".
James as Jessilina.png Dressed for Jess Success With Jessie feeling unwell, James competes and goes on to win the Lilypad Town Pokémon Contest as "Jessilina". James's disguise fools everyone, with the only notable difference being a blue strand of hair poking out from the magenta wig.
Team Rocket Disguise DP149.png Sticking With Who You Know! The trio works under Professor Kodama as lab assistants. Their disguises are ruined, however, after Kodama reveals their identities in front of Ash and his friends.
Team Rocket Galactic Grunts.png The Needs of Three Jessie and James, along with Looker, disguise themselves as Galactic Grunts in order to stop Cyrus's plan to start a new world order. They reused the outfits in The Battle Finale of Legend.
Team Rocket Disguise DP153.png The Treasure is All Mine! When James returns to one of his summer homes in the region, Jessie disguises herself as Jessebelle to gain entry, and Meowth is disguised as a dapper gentleman with a top hat.

James and Meowth reuse the tuxedos in Double-Time Battle Training!, Last Call — First Round!, and Opposites Interact!.

Team Rocket Disguise DP160.png A Marathon Rivalry! Team Rocket disguises themselves as massage therapists during the Pokéathlon in Camellia Town.
Team Rocket Disguise DP182.png An Old Family Blend! Team Rocket disguises themselves as Pokémon Center employees.
Zoroark: Master of Illusions Team Rocket disguises themselves as janitors.

Best Wishes series

Team Rocket's disguises in the Best Wishes series

In the Best Wishes series, Team Rocket has been using special disguises to hide their identities. Each one has a long overcoat, a pair of sunglasses, and a hat. Jessie's outfit is purple, James's is blue, and Meowth's is brown. Unlike most of Team Rocket's other disguises, this one has been seen in more than one episode, being seen in most of the Best Wishes episodes they appeared in up to Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!, and again in Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"! and Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!. Disguises as other people like in the other previous series have appeared less often, the only ones in the first season being in A UFO For Elgyem! and A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! if Meowth's Umbreon disguise is not counted. They started disguising again from The Name's N! onwards.

Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise BW004.png
The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! Jessie painted Meowth to look like an Umbreon to distract Don George and the others at the Battle Club so they could steal some supplies.
Team Rocket Disguise BW030.png
A UFO for Elgyem! Jessie and James dress up like business-people in order to capture Elgyem.
Team Rocket Disguise BW037.png
A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! Jessie and James disguise themselves as fishermen for the fake fishing competition they were holding.
Team Rocket Disguise BW110.png
The Name's N! They disguise themselves as regular people on a ship to Castelia City. Jessie is wearing a short blue dress and a hat and her hair is in a bun, James has a ponytail a hat and a suit, and Meowth has a lea and jacket on.

These outfits reappear in Mystery on a Deserted Island!.

Team Rocket Disguise BW123.png
Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! James disguises himself as an old man and deliberately collides with Professor Juniper to swap the ship tickets for ones that will allow Ash and his friends to board their ship.
Team Rocket Disguise2 BW123.png
After that, Jessie disguises as a woman selling tickets to a ship to go back to Kanto, James disguises as the ship captain, and Meowth disguises as a sailor. The disguises fool Ash and his friends and leads them to board Team Rocket’s vessel. The scheme is ruined after Ash's Oshawott overhears Team Rocket's private conversation.
Team Rocket Disguise BW124.png
Danger, Sweet as Honey! Jessie and James pose as representatives from the "Happy Honey Island Sweet Treat Tourist Bureau". Ash conveniently wins the factory tour and sample testing prize, but tour abruptly stops after Team Rocket reveal their true identities.
Team Rocket Disguise BW126.png
Crowning the Scalchop King! Jessie, James and Meowth dress casually to hide their uniforms.
Team Rocket Disguise2 BW126.png
Jessie and James paint Meowth like a Dewott so he can participate in the Scalchop King Competition and win the tournament’s golden trophy.
Team Rocket Disguise BW133.png
Capacia Island UFO! The Team Rocket trio, along with Ash and Pikachu, put on Beheeyem masks to go unnoticed by Capacia Island’s citizens that were possessed by an actual Beheeyem, and had the actual Pokémon face on their heads.
Team Rocket Disguise BW134.png
The Journalist from Another Region! Meowth dresses as a Golem to participate in the Pokémon Sumo Tournament. Jessie and James also dress casually to pretend to be Golem's Trainers.
Team Rocket Disguise BW137.png
Celebrating the Hero's Comet! After hearing Alexa narrating the Legend of the Comet and the Hero, they dress themselves as the Ghost Pokémon that appear in the tale. James disguises himself as a Gengar, Jessie uses a Dusknoir costume and Meowth dresses as Banette.
Team Rocket disguise BW141 James.png
Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! In order to steal the Decolore cruise ship passengers' Pokémon, James disguises himself as Porter so he could ask for the people's Poké Balls to supposedly protect them from Team Rocket.
Team Rocket disguise BW141 Jessie.png
Since they have to attack the ship at the same time, Jessie covers James's absence from the trio by disguising half of herself as James.

XY series

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Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise XY002.png Lumiose City Pursuit! The trio infiltrate Professor Sycamore’s lab as researchers in the hopes of stealing Pokémon.

Jessie and James use these outfits again in Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!, as they try to convince Clemont to build a machine for them.

Team Rocket Disguise XY008.png Grooming Furfrou! Jessie poses as a Pokémon groomer named “Jessally”, with James and Meowth as her assistants and Wobbuffet as a model, in order to steal Pokémon.
Team Rocket Disguise XY013.png Kindergarten Chaos! Team Rocket shows up at the kindergarten class as street performer troupe. Jessie leads the trio, with James dressed up like a Beartic and Meowth as a Cubchoo. This was so they could kidnap Pikachu along with Sylveon.
Team Rocket Disguise XY021.png A PokéVision of Things to Come! Jessie pose as staff from a PokéVision production company. Their acting captures Ash and his friends attention before the trio reveal themselves and make off with Pikachu, Clemont's Dedenne and Serena's Fennekin.
Team Rocket Disguise XY026.png A Battle by Any Other Name! Jessie and James disguise themselves as Chefs while they compete in the Poké Puff Contest.
Team Rocket Disguise XY029.png Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike! James poses as Ash again, with Jessie as Serena, Meowth dresses as Bonnie with a hand puppet to look like Dedenne, and James's Inkay goes as Pikachu. Team Rocket go on to commit thefts and chaos across a town, but surveillance footage and statements from Ash and his friends reveals the ploy.

Inkay is seen wearing its Pikachu costume in A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?.

Team Rocket Disguise XY039.png Summer of Discovery! Team Rocket infiltrate the Kalos Pokémon Summer Camp as chefs.
Team Rocket Disguise XY057.png Thawing an Icy Panic! Jessie, James and Meowth wear Nurse Joy costumes as they sneak into the Coumarine City Pokémon Center and kidnap a wild Vanillite. This is notably the first time James has cross-dressed since the Diamond & Pearl series.
Team Rocket Disguise XY079.png A Frenzied Factory Fiasco! Team Rocket disguises themselves as Poké Ball Factory employees so they can steal Ash, and his friends' Poké Balls.
Team Rocket Disguise XY082.png A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? Team Rocket attend the costume-filled Gourgeist Festival. Jessie wears a Mismagius outfit, James goes as a Gourgeist, Meowth as a Banette, Wobbuffet dresses in a Sawk costume and Inkay reprises its Pikachu outfit from Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!.
Jessie James interviewers.png All Eyes on the Future! Team Rocket disguise themselves as news reporters to interview Cosette and Sophie about the Anistar City Sundial. Jessie and James’s costumes bear a striking resemblance to Gabby and Ty respectively.
Team Rocket Disguise XY117.png Making Friends and Influencing Villains! Team Rocket dress up as members of the Ralts evolutionary line again. Jessie's Wobbuffet as Ralts, Meowth as Kirlia, James as Gallade and Jessie]] as Gardevoir. Meowth and Jessie are both disguised as the same Pokémon as the previous time. Jessie also goes to wear a Phantump costume.

Sun & Moon series

Throughout the series, Team Rocket are usually disguised in casual clothing, wearing shirts, shorts and hats and unlike the previous series they use it as main outfit, not for some missions.

Disguise Episode Description
Team Rocket Disguise SM023.png
Getting the Band Back Together! Team Rocket works as wig sellers during a DJ Leo concert event.
Team Rocket Disguise SM041.png
Mounting an Electrifying Charge! Team Rocket wanted to win the Charjabug race, so they disguise themselves as Bewear Max team, with Meowth as their Charjabug. Meowth accidently pressed the eject button, and with his identity revealed, Bewear Max was disqualified from the competition.
Team Rocket Disguise SM046.png
Deceiving Appearances! Team Rocket are hired by Faba to work as employees at the Aether Foundation, but they later quit in Mission: Total Recall!.

The trio reprises their former work uniforms in Don't Ignore the Small Stufful! in the hopes of capturing the Aether Paradise Pokémon. Their covers are blown after a missing Stufful puts the facility into a panic.

Team Rocket Disguise SM059.png
Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet! "Junior" Team Rocket performs their motto in outfits that resemble the design of Preschoolers from Generation V in an attempt to fool Drampa. Wobbuffet appears as mother pushing an infant Meowth in a stroller.
Team Rocket Disguise SM063.png
Pushing the Fiery Envelope! After an urgent call for assistance, Team Rocket stars as the hosts and commentators at the Battle Royal Dome. They use the aliases, "Fire Jameston", "Freezer Jessip", and "Thunder Meowtaire".

They repeat these roles in A Young Royal Flame Ignites!.

Team Rocket Disguise SM066.png
Smashing with Sketch! Jessie and Wobbuffet compete in the Pokémon Ping-Pong tournament while James and Meowth watch on. The disguises are a reference to the characters of the tennis manga Aim for the Ace!.
Team Rocket Disguise SM082.png
All They Want to Do is Dance Dance! Team Rocket enter the Pokémon School and performs their motto in these outfits.
Team Rocket Disguise SM086.png
I Choose Paradise! Team Rocket appears as Pokémon Paradise Resort employees, giving them the perfect cover while Ash and his classmates enjoy the hot spring's facilities.
Team Rocket Disguise SM093.png
Lillier and the Staff! Jessie joins Ash and his classmates' play wearing a Lunala costume. Despite her unexpected arrival, her dazzling aerial performance made the presentation night a success.
Team Rocket's disguises SM113.png
This Magik Moment! Jessie prepares for her acting debut on Alola TV with James as her make-up artist and Meowth opting to be her manager.
Team Rocket's disguises SM119.png
A High-Speed Awakening! James enters the Vikavolt race with Meowth wearing a Vikavolt mecha suit, while Jessie and Wobbuffet wait in hiding to steal all of the other competitor's Vikavolt.
Team Rocket's disguises SM122.png
Spying for the Big Guy! Meowth poses as a decoy Stufful in an attempt to save his friend and fool Matori after she first stole Stufful. However Matori quickly saw through the disguise and her Alolan Meowth went on the attack.
Team Rocket's disguises SM129.png
Battle Royal 151 Jessie and James wear these disguises while they compete in the Manalo Conference. Their disguises reference Sina and Dexio's outfits from the Generation VII games.

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