James's Mime Jr.

James's Mime Jr.
コジロウのマネネ Kojirō's Manene
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James Mime Jr.png
Mime Jr.
Debuts in Sweet Baby James
Caught at James's old vacation cottage around Saffron City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With James
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Mime Jr. Ikue Otani
AG176-DP176, JN145)

Tomoe Hanba
Kayzie Rogers

Michele Knotz
(DP002-DP052, JN145)

James's Mime Jr. (Japanese: コジロウのマネネ Kojirō's Manene) was the third Pokémon caught by James of Team Rocket during Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire of the Pokémon anime, and his ninth overall.

In the anime


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Mime Jr. and James

James caught Mime Jr. by accident in Sweet Baby James after it purposefully initiated the capture mechanism on one of his empty Poké Balls that had fallen on the floor. Mime Jr. previously resided with the old couple who took care of an old vacation home of James's family; James went there when his Chimecho fell ill. Mime Jr. took an instant liking to James, keeping him company at night while he sat over Chimecho. James was thankful for this, and he told Mime Jr. that it was kindhearted. When it was time for James to leave, Chimecho was still ill, so he decided to leave it in care of the old couple. When he reached in his pocket to get Chimecho's Poké Ball, the empty ones fell out, and Mime Jr. rushed in. James asked why Mime Jr. would want to go with him, and the couple told him that Mime Jr. likes him and thinks he is a kind person. They also said "Looks like you've found yourself a good buddy in Mime Jr."

In Off the Unbeaten Path, James and Mime Jr. competed in the Pokémon Orienteering Contest, with the goal being to find five checkpoints spread across the island. The two, determined to win fairly, ignored Jessie and Meowth's attempts to cheat. Due to staying focused, as well as Jessie and Meowth sabotaging the other competitors, James and Mime Jr. ended up winning.

In Spontaneous Combusken, Mime Jr. was used by Jessie, under the alias of Jessibelle, in the Chrysanthemum Pokémon Contest. They got through the round by performing a Hula-Dance that was praised by the judges for showing of Mime Jr.'s cuteness. In the battle round, Mime Jr.'s first opponent was May's Combusken. Though it made use of its unusual Mimic and Tickle attacks, Mime Jr. was ultimately defeated when Combusken was energized by its mimicked Fire Spin and hit it with Sky Uppercut.

In King and Queen for a Day!, Mime Jr., along with Meowth, Ash's Pikachu, and Brock's Bonsly, were blasted off after an encounter with Ash and his friends. After landing somewhere in the nearby town, the group was chased by three men in black suits. Escaping them a few times, they stumbled upon a casting crew, where it was revealed that a Bonsly and Mime Jr. had gone missing from the set. With no other choice, the Director decided to cast the two. Mime Jr. instantly took to the role, and together the two began filming their scenes. Team Rocket, however, interrupted the filming, causing a fight to break out. Mime Jr. and Bonsly attacked each other and the battle was captured by the camera. The strange turn of events ended up satisfying the Director, who wrapped up the filming.

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Mime Jr. as a Claydol

In All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!, James entered Mime Jr. in the Pokémon Dress-Up Contest. During the event, Mime Jr. was seen imitating a Claydol and a Chikorita. Its mimicking skills left the three judges very impressed, and it was selected as one of the five finalists. However, after Jessie and Meowth decided to steal the Pokémon Egg prize, James and Mime Jr. were forced to abandon the competition to escape with the rest of Team Rocket.

In Dawn's Early Night!, Jessilina used Mime Jr. and Cacnea for the Double Performance required during the Hearthome Contest. Their performance started with Cacnea using Needle Arm, which Mime Jr. mimicked before using Tickle on Jessilina. Both Mime Jr. and Cacnea hugged and tickled Jessilina, spinning her around the stage. After that, Cacnea fired Pin Missile upwards, with Mime Jr. once again mimicking. As the arrow-shaped pins collided, it resulted in a flashy fireworks display. Their performance got Jessilina a high score, placing her among the Coordinators advancing to the second round.

With Carnivine at the Grand Festival

In Old Rivals, New Tricks!, Mime Jr. was Jessilina's choice for the Performance Stage of the Sandalstraw Contest. When she commanded Mime Jr. to use Teeter Dance, the Mime Pokémon waited before fully executing the move, a strategy which Jessilina adapted from Ursula, who always makes charging poses together with her Pokémon to leave an impression on the minds of those watching her performances. The act of storing up energy before unleashing the move amplified Teeter Dance's effect and got everyone in the Contest Hall dancing. The performance impressed the Contest Judges enough for them to grant Jessilina a spot in the Battle Stage.

In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, Mime Jr. was used along with Carnivine in a two-on-two Contest Battle during the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Together they managed to defeat their opponents, allowing Jessilina to advance in the competition while making James very proud.

Following the Team Rocket trio's journey in Sinnoh, James was forced to leave Mime Jr. at Team Rocket's headquarters as it is not a Pokémon native to the Unova region, and would seem suspicious.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Mime Jr. imitating a person

In Rocket Revengers!, Mime Jr., alongside the rest of Team Rocket's Pokémon at Team Rocket HQ, were sent to Jessie and James so they could be added back to their team. Realizing the potential of such a large group, the team hatched a scheme to isolate Ash's Pikachu and capture him. Mime Jr. was essential for the role, as it pretended to have a falling out with the group and insisted it was trying to sell them out to the police. Ash and his friends believed Mime Jr.'s performance, and as a result they were slowly separated as they ran into Team Rocket's Pokémon. By the time Mime Jr. arrived at the meeting point only Pikachu was left, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Despite this, Ash and his friends manage to arrive in time, and a wild Latias that had been following Ash intervened to send the evil group blasting off.

Personality and characteristics

Mime Jr., as a Mime Pokémon, imitates what people do. Like Chimecho before it, it regularly inserts itself at the end of the Team Rocket motto saying "Mime, Mime", after Wobbuffet says his name. It is seen fairly commonly out of its Poké Ball, similar to Chimecho, participating in Team Rocket's schemes. Also similarly to Chimecho, Mime Jr. is babied by James and he rarely lets it battle.

Mime Jr. has a great relationship with its Trainer and seems to quite like Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet. It was shown in Battling a Cute Drama! to take insults straight to heart and sulk over them.

Moves used

Using Teeter Dance
Move First Used In
Mimic Spontaneous Combusken!
Tickle Spontaneous Combusken!
Teeter Dance King and Queen for a Day!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves used via Mimic

Using Bubble Beam
Using Double-Edge
Move First Used In
Fire Spin Spontaneous Combusken!*
Double-Edge King and Queen for a Day!*
Bubble Beam All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go!*
Needle Arm Dawn's Early Night!*
Pin Missile Dawn's Early Night!*
Hidden Power The Bells Are Singing!*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl
Artwork from "After the story" [1]

In the TCG

Main article: Meowth M (Movie Random Pack 17)

Mime Jr. appeared in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, alongside Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet.



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