Capacia Island

Capacia Island
オオキナ島 Ōkina Island
Capacia Island.png
Capacia Island
Region Decolore Islands
Debut The Path That Leads to Goodbye!

Capacia Island (Japanese: オオキナ島 Ōkina Island) is the largest island of the Decolore Islands. It is also the ninth island the group visited during their travels, and was featured from The Path That Leads to Goodbye! to Capacia Island UFO!

The group embarked on a journey across the island to reach the port town on the other side. In The Path That Leads to Goodbye!, tensions flared between Ash and Iris after Ash's attempt at capturing a Dunsparce went awry. However the Pokémon and Cilan remained hopeful the friends would patch things up. After a confrontation with Team Rocket drew the warring parties together, Ash and Iris apologized to each other and made amends for their arguments.

In Searching for a Wish!, the group had a chance encounter with the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi, which only awakens for seven days every thousand years. They met Gemma, a local girl who was determined to find Jirachi to use its wish making powers to restore the barren mountains to their once lush state. They learned that two years prior to the drought, the area was thriving and once had a large lake. Gemma and the group managed to befriend Jirachi, who used the powers from the Shrine of the Mountain to make the land fertile again.

Ash and his friends finally reached their portside destination in Capacia Island UFO!. However a crashed UFO the night before led a group of Beheeyem to hypnotize the entire town, including Iris and Cilan, in a bid to find a missing component to their spacecraft. However for Ash, Pikachu and the Rocket trio who were not hypnotized, they woke up to find everyone in a peculiar state and with Beheeyem faces. James had picked up the Amulet Coin-looking component, but was unaware of its true power. Team Rocket then attempted to steal the spacecraft component, only for Ash to send them blasting off and return the taken part to the Beheeyem. Afterwards, the Beheeyem returned everyone to normal and left the stratosphere in their fully-working UFO.

Places of interest

The Shrine of the Lake
The Shrine of the Mountain

Shrine of the Lake

The Shrine of the Lake is connected to the Mythical Pokémon Jirachi, and is located at the base of the Capacia Island's mountains. It features a statue of Jirachi in its crystal form.

Shrine of the Mountain

The Shrine of the Mountain is the counterpart to the Shrine of the Lake. It is also connected to Jirachi, and is located on the peak of Capacia's highest mountain. According to legends, anyone who brings Jirachi up to the shrine will be granted their wish.

Pokémon seen on Capacia Island

Patrat (multiple)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 大島 Daaih Dóu
Mandarin 大島 Dà Dǎo
  German Soriesig-Insel
  Italian Isola Extensa
  Polish Wielgacja*
Wyspa Capacia*
  Spanish Isla Gigantia
  Swedish Spatiösia-ön

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