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Remoraid Mountain
テッポウオ山 Teppouo Mountain
Remoraid Mountain.png
Remoraid Mountain
Region Johto
Debut The Light Fantastic

Remoraid Mountain (Japanese: テッポウオ山 Teppouo Mountain) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto featured in The Light Fantastic. It is located between Ecruteak City and Olivine City. Remoraid Lake is located on top of the mountain.

Ash and his friends stumbled across some ancient ruins left by the Colossal Tree Tribe also known as the Remoraidians, a group of people who carved and built large structures out of wood. The Remoraidians had to abandon their large city centuries ago after they cut down too many of the forest's trees and the rivers dried up. The area remains a desolate wasteland littered with fossilized Remoraid.

Nurse Joy runs a Pokémon Center nearby, which is built directly over an underwater spring. She explained that the area floods once every twelve years, helping to keep the Center's water supply filled. Gan Gogh, an artist, first traveled to the area 24 years ago, and visits every twelve years to witness the mysterious Rainbow Lights. He stays at the Center, which has a perfect view that overlooks Remoraid Mountain. The cause of the floods and Rainbow Lights were revealed to be the Remoraid living atop Remoraid Mountain.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 鐵炮山
Mandarin 鐵炮山 / 铁炮山 Tiěpào Shān
Italy Flag.png Italian Montagna dei Remoraid
Spain Flag.png Spanish Montaña Remoraid

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