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ホワイトタウン White Town
Region Johto
Debut The Art of Pokémon
The streets of Whitestone

Whitestone (Japanese: ホワイトタウン White Town) is an anime-exclusive town in Johto, located between Ecruteak City and Olivine City, which appeared in The Art of Pokémon.

Surrounded by mountains and bordering a giant lake, Whitestone is known for its white walls, which are said to resemble marble. However, they are in fact readily painted white to maintain a unique character, a practice maintained by citizens for generations.

Many of its buildings are terrace-style with wooden window shutters. It also has a church, which sits at the top of the hill Whitestone is built on. Whitestone is home to abstract artist Jack Pollockson and his trio of Smeargles.

Pokémon seen in Whitestone


  • Whitestone shares a similarity in geography and architecture with Sootopolis City.
  • The settlement may draw inspiration from Ostuni, a city renowned for its historic center, whose housing is coated in white lime.

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