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Maroon Town
エビチャタウン Ebicha Town
Maroon Town.png
Maroon Town
Region Johto
Debut Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Maroon Town (Japanese: エビチャタウン Ebicha Town) is a small, anime-exclusive town located in Johto. It is found in between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City. It was featured in Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?.

DJ Mary and Professor Oak planned to host a live audience show at the local fairgrounds, with posters placed around town to announce the event. Team Rocket learned about the broadcast, along with its free lunch banquet, and subsequently posed as Mary, Oak, and a producer to get inside.

When the real Oak and Mary arrived the following day, they were stunned to see Jessie and James parading as them. With the help of a contest, which was broadcast as the radio show, the local Nurse Joy was able to determine that Jessie and James were in disguise and identify the real Oak and Mary. Once they were out of the way, Oak and Mary began their interview and started answering fans' questions.

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