Slowpoke Temple

Slowpoke Temple
ヤドン寺 Yadon Temple
Slowpoke Temple.png
Slowpoke Temple
Region Johto
Debut Enlighten Up!
The golden Slowpoke statue

Slowpoke Temple (Japanese: ヤドン寺 Yadon Temple) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto, found in between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City. It appeared in Enlighten Up!. It is close to Lake Slowpoke.

Thousands of people come here for training. It is called the Slowpoke Temple because the area around the temple has been a home to Slowpoke for many generations. Hundreds of years ago, a priest achieved enlightenment by meditating with a Slowpoke. The temple was built in his honour.

After Ash, Misty, and Brock arrived at Lake Slowpoke, they were invited by Madeleine, a student of ten years, to come along to the temple. They were surprised that the temple holds a massive golden Slowpoke statue at its heart. When having a lunch in the temple, Madeleine revealed to Ash that, a while ago, Gary had also come to the temple and had trained there.

In other languages

Language Title
  German Flegmon-Tempel
  Italian Tempio di Slowpoke
  Polish Świątynia Slowpoke'a

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