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The Blue Lagoon is also the name of a ship belonging to Ship.

Blue Lagoon
ブルーレイク Blue Lake
Blue Lagoon.png
Blue Lagoon
Region Johto
Debut Takin' it on the Chinchou

Blue Lagoon (Japanese: ブルーレイク Blue Lake) is an anime-exclusive town in Johto, located near a large lake on a mountain on Blue Point Isle. It is known for the large groups of Chinchou that live in the lake.

Long ago, the land where present day Blue Lagoon sits was at the bottom of the ocean. It is theorized that the Chinchou's nesting ground was located here. Then, a volcanic event occurred and raised the land until it formed present day area where Blue Lagoon was built, complete with a large lake that Chinchou return to in order to nest. Due to the migrations the Chinchou of the lake undergo to return to the ocean, Blue Lagoon hosts a festival around the event, called the "Parade of the Chinchou".

Ash and his friends took a cable car ride which they thought would lead them to Bluefinland, where ferries for Yellow Rock Isle would leave. The cable car stopped at Blue Lagoon however. With little choice, they took a look around the town and its lake and suddenly saw a Chinchou. Misty tried to catch it, only to find out it already had a Trainer, named Dayton. Dayton told the group more about the town's festival, which they later participated in.

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