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Dayton leading the Chinchou parade

The Parade of the Chinchou is a local festival celebrated in the mountain town of Blue Lagoon, located on Blue Point Isle of the Whirl Islands.

The festival celebrates the natural migration of newly-hatched Chinchou from the mountains to the ocean. Professor Oak explained that Blue Lagoon was once underwater, but geological forces led to the formation of its present-day landlocked location, though the Chinchou have continued to use it as their breeding grounds. The Chinchou eventually return to Blue Lagoon's central lagoon to lay their Eggs, and the cycle continues on.

The Blue Lagoon locals all don blue haori with a Chinchou motif on the back. Afterwards, they gather at the lagoon and along the streets in anticipation for the parade. Stalls sell food and Chinchou-related paraphernalia to commemorate the event. As the Chinchou emerge from the lagoon, the yellow lights on their antennae create an underwater light show. This procession is now led by specially-appointed people to ensure the Chinchou make a safe passage. It has also become a custom for the crowd to splash the Chinchou with water to keep them refreshed as they journey to the sea.

Dayton and his father Daizō‎ were in charge of the parade featured in Takin' it on the Chinchou. Ash and his friends joined the procession after learning that it led to their desired location, Bluefinland. Despite two interruptions by Team Rocket, the Chinchou safely reached the ocean.

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