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May buying her wishmaker at the festival
Millennium Festival attractions

The Millennium Festival (Japanese: ポケモン遊園地 Pokémon Amusement Park) is an anime-exclusive festival that takes place in the Hoenn region during the week the Millennium Comet is seen in the skies. It was featured in Jirachi: Wish Maker.

Ash and his friends arrived at the location where the festival was held before the workers did, and thus witnessed the tents and stalls being erected. The festival hosted many amusement park rides, including go-carts, merry-go-rounds, and a rollercoaster. May also bought her wishmaker from Bogie, one of the vendors. The end of the first night would be marked with Pokémon-shaped fireworks.

Ash and his friends spent their time at a magic show hosted by Butler and his assistant Diane. The group befriended them after Max's curiosity about a crystal cocoon in Butler's possession. Max's arrival led to the cocoon revealing itself to be the rare Wish Pokémon, Jirachi. Ultimately, Ash and his friends only enjoyed two of the seven day festival's events, as they ventured out to Forina to save Jirachi from being used for Butler's plans to create a Groudon.

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