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The Wind Festival

The Wind Festival (Japanese: 風祭り Wind Festival) is an annual festival held in Fula City to celebrate the Legendary Pokémon Lugia. It was featured in The Power of Us.

It features a Pokémon Catch Race, a competition meant to test a Trainer's ability to catch Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 風節 Fūngjit
Mandarin 風節 Fēngjié
Denmark Flag.png Danish Vindfestivel
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Windfestival
Finland Flag.png Finnish Tuulifestivaali
France Flag.png French Festival du vent
Germany Flag.png German Wind-Festival
Italy Flag.png Italian Festa del vento
South Korea Flag.png Korean 바람 축제 Baram Chukje
Malaysia Flag.png Malaysian Festival Angin
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Vindfestivalen
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Festival do Vento
Russia Flag.png Russian Фестиваль ветра Festival' vetra
Spain Flag.png Spanish Festival del viento
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Vindfestivalen
Thailand Flag.png Thai เทศกาลแห่งสายลม Thetsakan-haeng Sailom
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Lễ Hội Gió

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