Wind Festival

The Wind Festival (Japanese: 風祭り Wind Festival) is an annual festival held in Fula City and was featured in The Power of Us.

The Wind Festival

The Festival Administration oversees the running of the event, which takes place across several days. The Festival celebrates the promise made decades ago between Fula City and the Legendary Pokémon Lugia, who gives the gift of wind to power Fula City in exchange for seeing the friendship of people and Pokémon. The Eternal flame’s green light signals to Lugia to bring the winds.

Much of the festivities are focussed around Fula City's large pier. Amusement park rides and stalls provide fun for eventgoers while the Pokémon Research Pavilion hosts research lectures during the Wind Festival. The Pokémon Catch Race, a competition meant to test a Trainer's ability to catch Pokémon, is also a major draw card.

During The Power of Us, Margo attempted to sabotage the Wind Festival by messing around with the City’s electrics and later stealing the Eternal flame to protect her friend Zeraora from Pokémon poachers. Ash and the others soon uncovered the scheme, though a fire sparked by a Effect Spore leak again threatened the Wind Festival. Together, Ash and the others rebooted an old power plant to blow the antidote Lum Berry elixir across the area. Risa then returned the Eternal flame to its torch housing, summoning Lugia who extinguished the flames and brought the winds to Fula City.

On the last day, Mayor Oliver hosted the Wind Festival's closing ceremony, which was a sky lantern release to commemorate the bonds between humans and Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 風節 Fūngjit
Mandarin 風節 Fēngjié
  Danish Vindfestivel
  Dutch Windfestival
  Finnish Tuulifestivaali
  French Festival du vent
  German Wind-Festival
  Italian Festa del vento
  Korean 바람 축제 Baram Chukje
  Malaysian Festival Angin
  Norwegian Vindfestivalen
  Polish Festiwal Wiatru
  Brazilian Portuguese Festival do Vento
  Russian Фестиваль ветра Festival' vetra
  Spanish Festival del viento
  Swedish Vindfestivalen
  Thai เทศกาลแห่งสายลม Thetsakan-haeng Sailom
  Vietnamese Lễ Hội Gió

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