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The Manalo Festival (Japanese: マナーロ祭り Manalo Festival) is an anime-exclusive holiday that is celebrated in the Alola region. It was first mentioned in Filling the Light with Darkness!.

The Manalo Festival occurs once every 21 years during a solar eclipse. On that day, each of the Island Kahunas go to the respective ruins of Alola's guardian deities and offer a prayer of thanks to the Blinding One, the Legendary Pokémon said to have created Alola.

The Island Kahunas of Melemele Island, Akala Island, and Ula'ula Island were seen participating in the festival in Full Moon and Many Arms!, where the islands' respective guardian deities watched them.

According to Kiawe, "manalo" is an old term that means "you and I are living here together".


  • The festival taking place every 21 years is a reference to how old the anime was at time it was first mentioned.
  • It shares its name with the Manalo Stadium.

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