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The Legend Festival

The Legend Festival is an anime-exclusive annual celebration on Shamouti Island, which celebrates its centuries-old culture and mythology. The festivities are held to protect the peace of Shamouti and its surrounding islands.

Tobias and the other islanders in festival costume

The community elder leads the festivities, which begin with traditional dancing in the streets. Shamouti islanders wear costumes inspired by the Legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, for the entire duration. Food and gift stalls are also set up along the Gyarados parade route. In addition to the cultural celebration, the Legend Festival is also meant to bolster tourism.

Melody performing at the festival banquet

After the traditional dancing, a festival banquet is held, where the Festival Maiden, typically a young girl, performs a song onstage with the ocarina and selecting the "Chosen One" to fulfill a daylong island-hopping quest in which he had to travel to each of the three neighboring islands (Ice Island, Fire Island, and Lightning Island) and collect the three Island Treasures housed in each shrine. Afterwards, the Chosen One would return to Shamouti Island's shrine, where the three Treasures would be placed, and the Festival Maiden would conclude festivities with an ocarina recital to calm the spirits.

Melody inherited the role of Festival Maiden from her older sister Carol and selected Ash as the year's "Chosen One". Ash took on the task, just as Lawrence III set out on his own mission to capture the Legendary birds for himself. The awakening of the three Legendary Pokémon triggered extreme weather events across the world, and Lugia arrived to settle the peace. Ash was eventually able to collect all three Island Treasures and place them inside the Shamouti Island shrine, which triggered a wave of green energy. Melody played her ocarina, which helped stop the Legendary birds and restore balance.

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