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Carousels in Feather Carnival

The Feather Carnival (Japanese: フェザーカーニバル Feather Carnival) is an anime-exclusive event celebrating Flying-type Pokémon that is held annually in Fortree City, Hoenn. It was featured in Who's Flying Now?.

Typical carnival-style food and games are held there. Pikachu, Swellow, and Skitty enjoyed a "Night Flight" attraction, where several Golbat carry along a basket through a course full of Ghost-type Pokémon.

Notably, vendors sell small Pokémon at the carnival, such as Chimecho and Hoppip. The Magikarp salesman was one of these vendors, and he tried to make a fool out of James once again.

The local Gym Leader, Winona, also attends the carnival, giving joyrides to the children using her bird Pokémon. After the nighttime fireworks are held, Winona and her Skarmory would also lead the carnival's grand finale, a flying formation display.

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