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Pokémon Street Performer Festival

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Two Aipom performing a stilt walking routine
A performer and his Cubone during their bone juggling act

The Pokémon Street Performer Festival is a one-day only event held in a small Johto town every year. It was featured in Doin' What Comes Natu-rally.

Street performers and their talented Pokémon perform for the crowd, with acts such as magic tricks, musical performances and strength defying feats on offer. Food and merchandise stalls are also set up for the festival.

McKenzie's father hoped that his son McKenzie would follow in his footsteps and perform his Natu fortune-telling act. With help from Ash and his friends, McKenzie eventually took to the stage, wearing a mask to overcome his stage fright when Team Rocket gate crashed the festival and stole all of the performers' Pokémon. Ash and McKenzie later defeated the trio and returned the Pokémon to their rightful Trainers.

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