Gadget Festival

The Gadget Festival (Japanese: 機巧フェスティバル Mechanical Festival) is an anime-exclusive event that takes place in the Kalos region. It is stated to be the largest exhibition of mechanical devices in Kalos. All great inventors from the region come to participate and compete by showing off their mechanical wares. According to Clemont, appreciating fun is the only way to appreciate what the Gadget Festival has to offer. He also believes that the Gadget Festival will continue to celebrate the world's hopes and dreams for the future.

The Gadget Festival

At the introduction of the festival site is a welcome gadget that is supposed to give an idea to newcomers on what a gadget is and how gadgets are supposed to work. The Gadget Festival building has a number of rooms called the "Gadget Rooms", where the inventors may design their gadgets and keep them for the general audience to use and experience. Some of the these rooms do not have simple doors but have a special way of opening them. For example, one of rooms involves the visitor to lift the door across the hinge and slide on it.

Ash and his friends visited the Gadget Festival in A Gaggle of Gadget Greatness!. Despite being uninterested initially, Ash, Serena, and Bonnie were intrigued by the festival's building and the various gadgets and devices present there. They visited various Gadget Rooms inside the building, while Pikachu, Pancham, and Chespin, who had been separated from their Trainers, continued on their own venture through the various gadgets. Team Rocket was also a participant in the festival; James had built a gadget to steal other Trainers' Poké Balls, and along with Jessie and Meowth, decided to check out the other Gadget Rooms to see the competition. On their venture, they learnt that the group had also come to visit the festival, and decided to capture Pikachu before they resorted to stealing Poké Balls.

However, Jessie, who was fed up with failing all the gadgets and having been tricked by all but one, remarked that they would never be able to steal Pikachu if they were trapped inside the building. The Trio, thus, abandoned their venture in favor of stealing Poké Balls, and managed to rob three children. Clemont and his friends showed up, however, now reunited with their Pokémon. Team Rocket fled their Gadget Room, being followed by the group, to reach their other invention. However, that gadget was not of much help to Team Rocket and was ultimately destroyed by Pikachu's Thunderbolt, blasting off Team Rocket in the process. The stolen Poké Balls were returned, and the group continued their venture through the festival.

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