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Camphrier Harvest Festival

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The Camphrier Harvest Festival

The Camphrier Harvest Festival is an anime-exclusive annual event that takes place in Camphrier Town, in the Kalos region.

The Harvest Festival is held in a Snorlax’s honor. Every year, a Snorlax visits the town to eat the crop stubble after the harvest. Aside from getting rid of what would otherwise be a waste product, Snorlax also incidentally plows the ground in readiness for the next harvest. The town is decorated in colorful banners while Snorlax slumbers in a specially made podium in the centre of town. Camphrier Town offers Snorlax much of its fresh produce and the Lord of Shabboneau Castle plays the Poké Flute to wake the Snorlax. While Snorlax, with its stomach now full, returns to the mountains, the people of Camphier Town celebrate well into the night with dancing and fireworks.

Ash and his friends arrived at Camphrier Town in Awakening the Sleeping Giant!. The annual harvest festival was put on hold after Princess Allie of Parfum Palace took the Poké Flute for herself. After some careful negotiations and Clemont's sacrifice, the Poké Flute was returned to Lord Shabboneau and the festival went ahead as planned.

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