Pokémon Exhibition

Pokémon Exhibition stage

The Pokémon Exhibition is an annual festival held in Florando. It was featured in Flower Power.

A large square and stage hosts the gigantic outdoor Pokémon entertainment festival. It attracts Trainers and Pokémon from all around the world. The Pokémon Exhibition aims to showcase collaboration, as well as a Pokémon's individuality and skill, much like a Pokémon Contest. The festival, according to Brock and Misty, was advertised in a recent edition of Pokémon Trainer Monthly.

Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Exhibition

Belle and Bella
Wartortle (×2)
Psyduck (×2)
Mankey (multiple)
Poliwhirl (×2)
Slowpoke (×2)
Krabby (×2)

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Pokémon-messut
  Italian Esibizione Pokémon
  Polish Wystawa Pokémonów
  Portuguese Exibição Pokémon
  Spanish Exhibición Pokémon

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