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Wobbuffet Village
ソーナンスのむら Sonans Village
Wobbuffet Village.png
Wobbuffet Village
Region Johto
Debut Wobbu-Palooza!

Wobbuffet Village (Japanese: ソーナンスのむら Sonans Village) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a small village located between Goldenrod City and Ecruteak City, and it appeared in Wobbu-Palooza!. Almost every citizen of the village owns a Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet Festival

Main article: Wobbuffet Festival

There is an annual Wobbuffet Festival which celebrates all Wobbuffet. During the festival, it is against the law to start any Pokémon battles. This law comes from the idea that Wobbuffet are pacifists and do not fight. Rather, they can only defend themselves if they are attacked. This causes distress when the village falls victim to three vandals. They use Hitmonlee, Machoke and Primeape to cause havoc to the village.

Pokémon seen in Wobbuffet Village

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