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Ogi City
オギシティ Ogi City
Ogi City.png
Ogi City
Region Johto
Debut Mantine Overboard!

Ogi City (Japanese: オギシティ Ogi City) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a large port city located at the northern end of Yellow Rock Isle, one of the Whirl Islands.

A ferry runs once a day between Ogi City and Red Rock Isle. This is also where Ash and his friends ran into Luka, who offered to give them a ride in her boat after they missed the ferry. In the oceans nearby, there is an old sunken ship which once belonged to Luka's great-grandfather.

Places of interest

The I.S.S. Raspberry shipwreck

The I.S.S. Raspberry Wreck

The I.S.S. Raspberry is a mighty sailing ship that was captained by Luka's great-grandfather, who sailed throughout the Whirl Islands in search of treasures like the Silver Wing.

It sank off the coast of Ogi City during a powerful storm many years ago, and the rumored Silver Wing also went down with the ship. However, Luka's great-grandfather and his crew survived the incident because of a Lugia's arrival.

In Mantine Overboard!, Luka led Ash and his friends directly to the wreck in the hopes of proving her great-grandfather's story. They soon located the wreck, though a Mantine and a pair of protective Remoraid proved to be obstacles. Team Rocket drove their submarine directly into the wreck and attempted to make off with the treasure chest. Though this angered the Mantine and Remoraid, who joined forces with Ash and the others to protect their home. Afterwards, Luka recovered the treasure chest and inside was a Silver Wing.

Pokémon seen around Ogi City