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Happy Town
ハッピータウン Happy Town
Happy Town.png
Happy Town
Region Johto
Debut Ignorance is Blissey

Happy Town (Japanese: ハッピータウン Happy Town) is an anime-exclusive town located in Johto. It is located between Cherrygrove City and Violet City.

Shortly before entering Violet City, Ash and his friends needed a place to stay for the night, and they decided to spend the night in Happy Town's Pokémon Center. While there, they learned that this Pokémon Center had a Blissey in charge of operations instead of the usual Chansey. As it turned out, this Blissey was an old friend of Jessie's, since the two had gone to Pokémon Nurse School together.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 快樂鎮
Mandarin 快樂鎮 / 快乐镇 Kuàilè Zhèn
Germany Flag.png German Glücklich-Stadt
Italy Flag.png Italian Happy Town
Gioiapoli (K2 redub)
Spain Flag.png Spanish Villa Feliz

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