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Megi City
メギシティ Megi City
Megi City.png
Megi City
Region Johto
Debut A Corsola Caper!

Megi City (Japanese: メギシティ Megi City) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto, found on the southern end of Yellow Rock Isle. It appeared in A Corsola Caper!.

The city is surrounded by the isle's famous yellow rock cliffs, and also features yellow paved streets. Its buildings tend to be pastel-colored, with rounded doors and windows.

Much of Megi City is densely built and lies close to the port. Several houses, including Corsola horn artisans like Mika and Andrea's father, sit on Corsola nest foundations by a beach. This gives residents access to a steady supply of shed Corsola horn to sell as carvings and jewelry in local shops.

Misty caught her Corsola there.

Pokémon Seen in Megi City

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