Onix Tunnel

Onix Tunnel
イワークの洞窟 Iwark's Cave
Onix Tunnel entrance.png
Onix Tunnel
Region Johto
Debut Tunnel Vision

The Onix Tunnel (Japanese: イワークの洞窟 Iwark's Cave) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto located between Azalea Town and Goldenrod City.

The Onix Tunnel is a cave with many stalagmites and stalactites. Despite the dangerous wild Onix that live inside, the cavernous pass is a shortcut through the mountains.

The Onix proved to be an obstacle for Team Rocket. Though for Ash and his friends, the shortcut was an easy walk thanks to Jigglypuff who sang the Onix to sleep. Brock deduced that the echoing properties of the cave probably made Jigglypuff's song stronger. Later, Team Rocket attempted to travel through again, but Jessie inadvertently disturbed the Onix. Subsequently, Team Rocket found themselves in some trouble, Jessie even wishing that Team Rocket was blasting off.

Pokémon seen in Onix Tunnel

Onix (multiple)


In other languages

Language Title
  Czech Tunel Onixů
  German Onix-Tunnel
  Italian Galleria degli Onix
  Polish Tunel Onixów (EP149-EP150)
Tunel Onix (EP149)

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