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Lake Lucid
アラタマ池 Aratama Pond
Lake Lucid.png
Lake Lucid
Region Johto
Debut The Joy of Water Pokémon

Lake Lucid (Japanese: アラタマ池 Aratama Pond) is an anime-exclusive location found in between Ecruteak City and Olivine City. It appeared in The Joy of Water Pokémon.

Lake Lucid in its original state

It is home to three generations of Nurse Joy who are famous for their methods of cleaning and purifying the waters of the lake. Pollution from nearby towns and heavy industry made Lake Lucid uninhabitable for any Pokémon species, and the toxic conditions were too overwhelming for even Grimer, who typically thrive in such conditions. Over the past 50 years, the Nurse Joys have studied the effects of the pollution on Pokémon and led projects to clean the lake. They have published several books on the issue.

Eventually, the purification program succeeded, with Water-type Pokémon returning to live there, and the Lake Lucid Pokémon Center was built to care for them. However, the third-generation Nurse Joy was terrified of Water Pokémon after an incident involving a Remoraid. Eventually, she learned to overcome her fear after Team Rocket's Tentacruel sub exploded, and she was forced to handle a Gyarados without her protective dive suit.

Pokémon seen in Lake Lucid

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