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Battle Park
バトルパーク Battle Park
Battle Park Johto.png
Overhead of the Battle Park facility
Region Johto
Debut One Trick Phony!

Battle Park (Japanese: バトルパーク Battle Park) is an anime-exclusive battle facility in the Johto region. It is located between Mahogany Town and Blackthorn City. It appeared in One Trick Phony!.

It is similar to the Battle Frontier but much smaller. The park has a series of powerful, rental Pokémon which visiting Trainers can battle against. The park's Pokémon all know unique moves, and are trained to only be obedient while inside the park, and to return immediately if they are lost or stolen. The rental Pokémon are all kept in specially labelled "BP" Poké Balls. The battle facility includes various battlefields including a rock field, water field, grassy plain, lakeside and fountain park option. Park wardens manage the upkeep at the facility.

Ash, Misty, and Brock were advised to visit the Battle Park by an unnamed Trainer. They encountered Team Rocket, who were working at the facility to earn some money, though they did not recognize them through their Battle Park uniforms. Team Rocket quickly developed a ploy to steal Pikachu using the Battle Park's powerful Pokémon. They posed as a trio of Trainers and challenged Ash to a three round battle. James selected a Venusaur, and it defeated Ash's Cyndaquil. In the next round, Jessie called out a Charizard, and despite its unique moveset which included Dig and Iron Tail, Ash won the match with his Totodile. Ash and Pikachu battled Jessie and a Blastoise.

However, the round was interrupted when Jessie called out her own Arbok while her teammates snatched Pikachu and the rental Pokémon for themselves. With their true identities now revealed, Ash and his friends gave chase, and the Park warden returned in time as well. Team Rocket called out their powerful trio, Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard, though the Pokémon turned on them and sent them blasting off with a combination attack. Pikachu and the rental Pokémon were later recovered.


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