Dragon Holy Land

Dragon Holy Land
竜の聖域 Dragon Holy Land
Dragon Holy Land.png
Dragon Holy Land
Region Johto
Debut Fangs for Nothin'

The Dragon Holy Land (Japanese: 竜の聖域 Dragon Holy Land) is an extension of the Dragon's Den, north of Johto's Blackthorn City.

In the anime

The Dragon Shrine

The Dragon Holy Land appeared in four episodes of the anime. It is a grassy, forested area with various flora, and rock cliffs walling it. The paradise is home to many Pokémon, some of which travel to the area to become stronger. Liza, Clair, and Lance also train their Pokémon in the Dragon Holy Land. It is only accessible through a waterfall located at the end of the Dragon's Den. The part of the Dragon Holy Land immediate to the Dragon's Den entrance is a grassy, forested area with various flora, and rock cliffs walling it with the occasional stream.

Its first appearance came at the end of Fangs for Nothin', after Team Rocket entered the Dragon Holy Land and managed to convince the resident Dragonite to protect them.

The location was the focus of Great Bowls of Fire!, where Kaburagi and Clair informed Ash and his friends of the folklore and history surrounding the Dragon Holy Land. A very old Dragonite, the very one that was helping Team Rocket, belonged to the very first Gym Leader of the Blackthorn Gym. Since the Gym Leader passed away, the Dragonite became the unofficial "guardian" of the Holy Land. Clair claimed that every flower in the Dragon Holy Land stays in bloom all year round, and that many would believe this to be attributable to a mysterious power from the Dragon Pokémon; indeed, there were copious amounts of flowers.

Near a lake, there is a vault-like structure, the Dragon Shrine, which is situated between two columns. It was constructed over 500 years ago to commemorate a future where people and Pokémon coexist. The Dragon Shrine houses the sacred Prayer Flame in a sacred golden bowl. This is said to be the first fire the Dragon Pokémon gave to the inhabitants of Blackthorn City. However, Team Rocket attempted to steal it, and inadvertently started a large blaze in the process. Dragonite was sent into a ferocious rage, which was settled after an intense battle against Ash's Charizard. While Brock and Misty's Pokémon were able to put out the flames, the Dragon Holy Land still suffered immense damage, and needed time to restore itself back to its former glory.

It made a brief appearance in a flashback in A Pokémon of a Different Color!. It reappeared in BWS02, where Clair took Iris to the location for her Gible to calm down after it became stressed from being in an urban environment. Soon after, Gible left the Dragon Holy Land, and later joined Iris's team.

Pokémon seen in Dragon Holy Land

Rattata (multiple)
Bellossom (multiple)
Hoppip (multiple)
Skiploom (multiple)
Jumpluff (multiple)
Butterfree (multiple)
Sentret (multiple)
Furret (multiple)
Sunflora (multiple)
Oddish (multiple)
Nidoran♀ (multiple)
Pidgey (multiple)
Spearow (multiple)
Murkrow (multiple)
Aipom (multiple)

Caught Pokémon

Clair's Dragonite

In the manga

The Dragon Holy Land in Ash & Pikachu

Ash & Pikachu

The Dragon Holy Land appeared in The Dragonite's Imperial Wrath.

Pokémon seen in Dragon Holy Land

Bellossom (×2)

In other languages

Language Title
  German Heiliges Land der Drachen
  Italian Terra Sacra dei Draghi
  Polish Święta Ziemia Smoków

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