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Marine Pokémon Laboratory

Marine Pokémon Laboratory
ポケモン海洋研究所 Pokémon Ocean Research Institute
Marine Pokemon Laboratory.png
The main building
Region Johto
Debut Lapras of Luxury

The Marine Pokémon Laboratory (Japanese: ポケモン海洋研究所 Pokémon Ocean Research Institute) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a laboratory located on the outskirts of an unnamed seaside town close to New Bark Town. It appeared in Lapras of Luxury. The director and only person who works here is Naomi.

After Ash won his eighth Badge, he and his friends headed back to New Bark Town. Along the way, they stopped in a Pokémon Center and while there Ash got a call from Professor Elm. The professor told Ash that he had to pick up a Pokémon Egg at the Marine Pokémon Laboratory close by.

When they arrived at the laboratory they bumped into a woman who hurried herself to the nearby beach. They followed the woman and discovered she was awaiting the arrival of a group of Lapras. Among these Lapras, there was one who recognized Ash and turned out to be the Lapras Ash traveled with through the Orange Islands. The woman now introduced herself as Naomi and said she had been told by Professor Elm that Ash and his friends were coming. Ash revealing that the Lapras came from the Orange Islands greatly helped Naomi in her research.

Inside the laboratory, Naomi explained more about the Lapras and their behaviors. The laboratory was temporally home to the Egg which later hatched into Larvitar, after it had been stolen from the Pokémon preserve at Mt. Silver by a group of Pokémon poachers.

The laboratory specializes in "Pokémon Marine Biology", which studies the living pattern of marine Pokémon. Naomi hopes that someday she can use that study to improve human life as well. Furthermore, the laboratory has its own docking pier, which holds a submarine called the "S.S. Innocent Pearl", used by Naomi for her research.

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