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Yellow Rock Isle
黄岩島 Ōgan Isle
Yellow Rock Island.png
Yellow Rock Isle
Region Johto
Debut A Corsola Caper!

Yellow Rock Isle (Japanese: 黄岩島 Ōgan Isle) is an anime-exclusive island in Johto. It is found in the Whirl Islands archipelago, located between Red Rock Isle and Blue Point Isle.

The island got its name from the yellow rocks that make up its geography, and even the city streets are colored yellow. The islanders are also particularly fond of yellow-colored Pokémon.

Yellow Rock Isle traditions largely revolve around Corsola. Residents build their homes on Corsola nests near the shore, and each Corsola is considered part of the family unit. Additionally, artisans make jewelry out of Corsola horns here.

It also relies on many kinds of Pokémon to fuel its fishing and farming industries.


In the anime

Map of Yellow Rock Island

In A Corsola Caper!, Ash and his friends arrived on the island and learned about Megi City's rich history there. Misty also caught her Corsola there.

The group met Luka, who offered to take them to Red Rock Isle, after they missed the scheduled Ogi City to Red Rock Isle ferry in Mantine Overboard!. Ash and his friends later joined Luka for a deep-sea dive on her great-grandfather's sunken ship, the I.S.S. Raspberry, and recovered the long-lost Silver Wing.


Cities and towns


Megi City Ogi City
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