Chrysanthemum Island

Chrysanthemum Island
ユズリハ島 Yuzuriha Island
Chrysanthemum Island.png
Chrysanthemum Island
Region Kanto
Debut Spontaneous Combusken!

Chrysanthemum Island (Japanese: ユズリハ島 Yuzuriha Island) is an anime-exclusive location in the Kanto region. It is located between Fuchsia City and the Seafoam Islands.

Among the town's attractions are a Contest Hall and a resort, which is thought to be a tourist destination. It was first mentioned by Lilian Meridian in Harley Rides Again, when she told May that a Pokémon Contest was slated to take place at the island.

Ash and his friends arrived there in Spontaneous Combusken!, where they met up with Drew who was visiting the island for some rest and relaxation. Later, May, Jessebella, and Brianna entered the town's Pokémon Contest hoping to win the prestigious Chrysanthemum Ribbon.

In the Performance Stage, the three of them were able to show off their Pokémon's moves in an appealing way, impressing the panel of judges enough to advance to the Contest Battles. There, May defeated Jessie in the first match and quickly made her way to the finals, where she found herself up against Brianna.

Using her Combusken against Brianna's Vibrava, May initially had trouble dealing with the Sand Tomb attack. However, after Combusken learned Mega Kick, she was able to make a comeback and win the battle. This victory gave May her third Kanto Ribbon.


Contest Hall Resort
Exterior Interior


Language Name Origin
Japanese ユズリハ島 Yuzuriha Tō From 譲葉 yuzuriha, Daphniphyllum macropodum
English Chrysanthemum Island From chrysanthemum, a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae
French Île des Chrysanthèmes From chrysanthème, chrysanthemum
German Chrysanthemeninsel From Chrysanthemen (chrysanthemum) and Insel (island)
Italian Isola del Crisantemo From crisantemo, chrysanthemum
Brazilian Portuguese Ilha Crisântemo From crisântemo, chrysanthemum
Spanish Isla Crisantemo From crisantemo, chrysanthemum
Korean 굴거리섬 Gulgeori Seom From 굴거리 gulgeori, Daphniphyllum macropodum
Chinese (Mandarin) 讓葉島 Ràngyè Dǎo From 譲葉 Yuzuriha

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