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Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
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I Choose Paradise!
SM086   EP1025
I Choose Here! Pokémon Hot Spring Paradise!!
First broadcast
Japan August 16, 2018
United States December 30, 2018*
January 6, 2019*
January 8, 2019*
January 12, 2019*
English themes
Opening Under The Alolan Moon
Japanese themes
Opening 未来コネクション
Ending ブレス*
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 宮田由佳 Yuka Miyata
Storyboard でんさおり Saori Den
Assistant director でんさおり Saori Den
Animation directors 香月麻衣子 Maiko Katsuki
山崎玲愛 Rei Yamazaki
No additional credits are available at this time.

I Choose Paradise! (Japanese: ココにきめた!ポケモン湯けむりパラダイス!! I Choose Here! Pokémon Hot Spring Paradise!!) is the 86th episode of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, and the 1,025th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on August 16, 2018, in New Zealand on December 15, 2018, in Canada on December 22, 2018, in the United Kingdom on January 2, 2019, and in the United States on January 12, 2019.

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The Ultra Guardians are beside themselves with excitement, as Lusamine has booked them a day at the Pokémon Paradise Resort—and the hardworking Ride Pokémon are tagging along, too! Everyone enjoys the spa’s relaxing amenities, but Team Rocket shows up in disguise with other plans: stealing all the Pokémon they can! Fortunately, the Ride Pokémon have none of it, and they make sure to dash the troublemakers’ ambitions. Our heroes finish their spa day in total luxury, while Team Rocket ends up stuck in the mud with Bewear...


Thanks to Lusamine's efforts, Ash, his classmates, and their Ride Pokémon board a ship headed for the Pokémon Paradise Resort. On the ship, Sophocles explains to Ash that Pokémon Paradise Resort is a spa for Pokémon located on Akala Island that attracts customers from all over the world. Lillie states that their Ride Pokémon must be exhausted from all the Ultra Guardians' mission. Mallow is surprised to see Oranguru on the ship, but an attendant reveals that Oranguru is a regular customer.

Oranguru checks into Pokémon Paradise Resort first, and the group enter under the Ultra Guardians reservations. The attendant explains that the facility is divided into multiple areas, including the Care Area, where Trainers can have their Pokémon treated, and the fun-filled Play Area. Ash immediately says that he wants to go to the Play Area, but Mallow reminds him that they need to have their Ride Pokémon treated. Seeing Pikachu, Poipole, and Togedemaru eagerly looking at the water slide, the group send all their Pokémon to have fun at the Play Area. However, Rotom decides to accompany the Ultra Guardians and their Ride Pokémon to the Care Area. The group is then lead to the counselling room to decide which course would be the best for each Ride Pokémon: Charizard is recommended the Fatigue Recovery Course, Metang goes for the Joint Care Course, Dragonair and Altaria settle on the Moisturizing Course, and finally, Flygon and Garchomp are guided to the Stress Course.

As the group goes to change their clothes, Team Rocket, who are revealed to be working at the resort, see this as their next chance to catch Pikachu. James stops Mareanie from latching onto his head, to avoid their cover being blown. Meanwhile, the kids' Pokémon arrive at the Play Area, where it's filled with Trainers and their Pokémon enjoying the pool, volleyball field, and food stands. Most of the Pokémon run off to play in the water. Torracat and Turtonator see Tsareena relaxing on a lounge chair and decide to join her instead. The kids arrive at the hot springs; Ash dives into one and encourages the others to hurry in. Then, Flygon jumps in, causing a huge splash. Mallow is annoyed about Flygon copying Ash as the latter apologizes. Suddenly, Garchomp follows suit and causes another surge of water. Lillie sighs and suggests to Altaria that they enter slowly, however, Altaria has a different idea in mind and forces Lillie along as it jumps in. Lillie emerges from the water with a pouted face and tells the viewers not to try this at home. Later, the rest of the group enter the hot springs and enjoy themselves as Sophocles notices that Charizard, in particular, seems to be enjoying itself. Kiawe explains that Charizard likes hot springs, and Rotom updates its internal data on Charizard. Mallow notes that there are a lot of Pokémon, which makes Ash wonder how their Pokémon are doing.

Over in the Play Area, Marowak and Pikachu try to get a reluctant Torracat and Turtonator to try the water slide. Marowak tries to drag Turtonator over to the water slide, but Jessie intervenes and warns Marowak against forcing Turtonator into the water. Shortly after, James and Meowth arrive with a boat, and they convince all the Pokémon to hop aboard before trapping them. Team Rocket push the boat away to avoid any suspicion.

While Kiawe and Charizard enjoy the hot spring a little more, everyone else leaves for their recommended courses. Team Rocket spies on them and bides their time, hoping that the Ride Pokémon will be too relaxed to fight back. At the Moisturizing Course, Altaria and Dragonair are given a mud treatment. Following Jessie’s recommendations, Lillie and Altaria rub some mud onto each other. Dragonair is nervous about the mud, but Jessie empties a mud bucket all over it, much to Lana's surprise. However, Dragonair ends up liking the mud, and Lana applies more mud onto Dragonair. At the Joint Care Course, Sophocles and Metang are given flower crowns and the attendants instruct Sophocles to use some aroma oil on Metang. Sophocles begins applying the oil on Metang, but there's a part that he cannot reach. Wobbuffet gives Sophocles a brush, allowing him to extend his reach. At the Stress Course, Flygon and Garchomp are given the chance to swim as much as they'd like. Flygon eagerly jumps into the water and performs fast butterfly strokes. Garchomp enters the water as well, swimming fast after Flygon. Ash and Mallow realize that Garchomp and Flygon are rivals and join Meowth in a cheer for their Pokémon. At the Fatigue Recovery Course, Kiawe tries to give Charizard a massage but doesn't know where to press. Luckily, James, who claims to have massaged 10,000 Pokémon, appears and helps Kiawe massage Charizard, much to its enjoyment.

After the massage, James rejoins his teammates and they prepare to execute the next stage of their plan. Meanwhile, the classmates have regrouped and discuss the benefits of the various treatments. At Lana's insistence, everyone begins heading over to the flower bath treatment. Suddenly, Team Rocket calls for them, claiming that they are hosting an exclusive Pokémon health appliance event. The kids are interested, and Team Rocket gets them away from their Ride Pokémon before Jessie fires a net at the group. Team Rocket removes their disguises and recites their motto. Then, James points the net gun at the Ride Pokémon, but Garchomp charges forward and knocks the net gun out of his hand. Team Rocket decides to flee after realizing that the treatments had the opposite effect and actually energized the Ride Pokémon.

As Team Rocket fly off in their balloon, Ash and his classmates notice their Pokémon in a cage. At Ash's command, the Ride Pokémon fly after Team Rocket. James has Mareanie use Sludge Bomb, but Metang blocks the attack with its oiled body. Garchomp and Flygon break open the cage, causing the Pokémon to fall, but they are safely caught by the Ride Pokémon. Team Rocket sees that their plan has failed and attempts to get away, but the kids refuse to let Team Rocket get away unscathed. The Ride Pokémon launch a combined Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon combo on Team Rocket's balloon, causing it to explode and the trio are sent flying. Unexpectedly, Bewear emerges from a water slide and rescues the trio from blasting off. The classmates are reunited with their Pokémon and together they enjoy the flower bath.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket and Bewear are bathing in a hot spring. Team Rocket is starting to feel hot, so Jessie attempts to get out, but Bewear stops her. Meowth translates that Bewear wants them to count to 100 first. With no other choice, Team Rocket starts counting while their bodies are slowly turning red from the heat. Nearby, Oranguru observes them from another hot spring.

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Who's That Pokémon?: Altaria (US and international), Garchomp (Japan)



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