Kiawe's Charizard

Kiawe's Charizard
カキのリザードン Kaki's Lizardon
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Kiawe Charizard.png
Kiawe's Charizard
Debuts in Alola to New Adventure!
Caught at Akala Island
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Kiawe
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charizard Unshō Ishizuka (SM001-SM105)
Toru Sakurai (SM106-present)

Kiawe's Charizard (Japanese: カキのリザードン Kaki's Lizardon) was one of the two original Pokémon acquired by Kiawe in the Alola region prior to the start of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, having received it from his grandfather. Kiawe often uses it as a Ride Pokémon.

In the anime

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

With Kiawe's grandfather

Charizard with a younger Kiawe and his grandfather

Prior to the start of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon, Charizard used to be owned by Kiawe's grandfather. Sometimes, he would take his grandson along for the ride to teach him how to fly Charizard.

With Kiawe

Charizard making a milk delivery

Ever since Kiawe's grandfather gave Charizard to him, Kiawe has used it as transport, usually from his home on Akala Island to Melemele Island, to attend the Pokémon School. He also uses it to deliver his family's dairy products to places on Akala and other islands in Alola. It first appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, where Team Skull members Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp tried beating Kiawe in a battle so they could steal Charizard. While Kiawe beat them with Turtonator, Charizard laid down and relaxed, unworried about the battle.

Starting in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Charizard has been used by Kiawe as his Ride Pokémon during the Ultra Guardians missions. In Twirling with a Bang!, it helped to create the Super Special Pokémon Fireworks move, distracting the wild Xurkitree and Blacephalon long enough for them to be captured.

In I Choose Paradise!, Charizard joined the rest of the Ride Pokémon on a trip to the Pokémon Paradise Resort for a day of relaxation. During the day, Charizard enjoyed a hot spring and massage alongside his Trainer. Later in the day Team Rocket stole some of the group's Pokémon but failed to restrain the Ride Pokémon. Together, they managed to rescue them and used a combined attack to blast Team Rocket off.

Charizard with the other Ride Pokémon on an Ultra Guardians mission

In Full Moon and Many Arms!, Charizard joined the Ride Pokémon on a pursuit to stop Necrozma from attacking and absorbing Lunala. Charizard managed to hit it with Flamethrower, allowing Dragonair, Metang, and Flygon to attack it as well, though it shrugged the attacks off and retaliated.

In Securing the Future!, Charizard joined the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its normal form.

Charizard battling Tapu Lele

In Run, Heroes, Run!, Charizard was used to fly Kiawe from Poni Island to the Ruins of Life after Ash, his Pokémon, and the rest of Kiawe's Pokémon had been imprisoned by Tapu Fini. At the ruins, Kiawe encountered Tapu Lele, and begged it to give him some of its scales to save his friends, but it refused to do so without a battle. Without hesitation Charizard volunteered, but was no match against the Land Spirit Pokémon's Psychic-type attacks. After saving Kiawe from some collapsing ruins, the two fled into the air, only to be hit by Tapu Lele's Psybeam. Kiawe struggled to think of what to do, but remembered a lesson his grandfather had taught him, helping him to land a direct hit with Aerial Ace. Impressed with the two, Tapu Lele gave Kiawe some of its scales and left. Charizard then flew Kiawe back to Poni Island but was unable to return to the Ruins of Hope. Kiawe recalled Charizard and ran the rest of the way. At the ruins, Tapu Fini used the scales Kiawe had brought to heal Charizard and handed Kiawe a Flyinium Z. Kiawe and Charizard then performed Supersonic Skystrike together.

In Battling on the Wing!, Kiawe used Charizard in his Manalo Conference battle against Sophocles, where it went up against Vikavolt. Charizard was able to dodge some of Vikavolt's attacks before being hit by a super-effective Zap Cannon, which left it paralyzed. Sophocles and Vikavolt then started to perform Savage Spin-Out on Charizard. The battle continued in the next episode, where Charizard was able to break free from Savage Spin-Out with its fire. Although Vikavolt tried slowing Charizard down with its String Shots, it was able to stop Vikavolt's following attack with Fire Punch. Eventually, Charizard managed to overpower Vikavolt's Wild Charge with Supersonic Skystrike, defeating it and allowing Kiawe to advance to the semifinals.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon!, Kiawe used Charizard to battle Ash and his Lycanroc. Following a clash of Inferno Overdrive and Splintered Stormshards, Lycanroc emerged victorious.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Charizard appeared in a flashback in Helping the Hometown Hero!. Upon learning Ash was returning to Alola, Kiawe had Charizard fly him to Wela Volcano for emergency training.

Personality and characteristics

Charizard and Kiawe
Charizard enjoying a bath at the hot springs

Charizard is a very relaxed Pokémon. In Alola to New Adventure!, it chose to sleep where it was while Kiawe and his Turtonator were battling Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp over its ownership. Although it is usually a calm Pokémon, it can become angry, as seen before Kiawe battled the Team Skull Grunts when they said they wanted to take Charizard for themselves. In the same episode, despite wanting to sleep, it perked up after Ash brought up the fact that he just spotted Tapu Koko. Much like the rest of Kiawe's Pokémon, it enjoys Poni Island radishes, as shown in Evolving Research!.

Unlike most Charizard, it is unafraid of water, as shown in I Choose Paradise! when it willingly entered a hot spring. Its Trainer even revealed that it likes to take long baths.

Moves used

Using Aerial Ace
Move First Used In
Flamethrower A Shivering Shovel Search!
Slash Run, Heroes, Run!
Fire Punch Run, Heroes, Run!
Aerial Ace Run, Heroes, Run!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Z-Moves used

Using Inferno Overdrive
Move First Used In
Supersonic Skystrike Run, Heroes, Run!*
Inferno Overdrive Dreams of the Sun and Moon!*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Twirling with a Bang! Electroweb, Zing Zap, Discharge, Bubble Beam, Magical Leaf, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Powder Snow The Ultra Guardians's Pokémon
Description: Super Pokémon Fireworks (Japanese: 超特大ポケモン花火 Super Special Pokémon Fireworks) A combination move used by the Ultra Guardian's partner Pokémon and their Ride Pokémon. Pikachu launches Electroweb into the air, followed by Togedemaru and Charjabug adding to it by creating a makeshift Electroweb with Zing Zap and Discharge, respectively. Popplio, Steenee, Turtonator, and Charizard add to the combination with Bubble Beam, Magical Leaf, and a double Flamethrower, respectively. Flygon, Garchomp, and Altaria then use a triple Fire Blast, followed by Snowy's Powder Snow and Poipole's poison. Together, the moves make a giant spinning ferris wheel-shaped construction.


Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon
Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

In the manga

Charizard in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Charizard appeared in Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, where it carried Kiawe as he waved goodbye to Sun after a day of delivering packages.

In the games

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Kiawe mentions that his grandfather owned a Charizard in Pokémon Masters EX.


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