Old Charm

Old Charm
Ancient Omamori
Old Charm
Old Charm
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Introduced in Generation IV
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The Old Charm (Japanese: こだいのおまもり Ancient Omamori) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IV. It is a good-luck charm made of Pokémon bones.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


On their way to Celestic Town, Cynthia gives this Old Charm to the player, and asks them to deliver it her grandmother, the town's elder. After defending the town's ruins from Team Galactic, the player gives the charm to Cynthia's grandmother, who gives them permission to investigate the ruins.


Games Description
An ancient good-luck charm made of Pokémon bones to be taken to the elder of Celestic Town.


Games Method
DPPt Route 210 (from Cynthia after curing the Psyduck)

In the anime

An Old Charm in the anime

An Old Charm appeared in Luxray Vision!, under the ownership of Matthew. Team Rocket, under the pseudonym "The Bandit Beauties Three", attempted to steal the charm, but they were eventually stopped by Marble, her Luxray, Ash, and his friends.

In the manga

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

The Old Charm appeared in Dialga's Secret Keys, where Cynthia gave it to Hareta and Mitsumi and asked them to deliver it to her grandmother in Celestic Town. After Hareta had prevented Team Galactic from destroying the Celestic Town ruins with a bomb, he gave the Old Charm to Cynthia's grandmother.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 古代護符 Gúdoih Wuhfùh
Mandarin 古代護符 / 古代护符 Gǔdài Hùfú
  Czech Staré kouzlo*
Starý poklad*
  Finnish Vanha aarre
  French Vieux Grigri
  German Talisman
  Italian Arcamuleto
  Korean 고대의부적 Godae-ui Bujeok
  Polish Amulet
  Spanish Talismán

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