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Old Shore Wharf
カントー波止場 Kanto Wharf
Old Shore Wharf.png
Old Shore Wharf
Region Kanto
Debut Mewtwo Strikes Back

Old Shore Wharf (Japanese: カントー波止場 Kanto Wharf) is an anime-exclusive dock in Kanto. It appeared in Mewtwo Strikes Back. Miranda works here as a pier master.

In the movie, Ash, Misty and Brock got an invitation from a Dragonite. The invitation included a hologram of a Nurse Joy, hypnotized by Mewtwo, who told them that Mewtwo was waiting for them on New Island and they would be able to reach it from Old Shore Wharf.

When they arrived at Old Shore Wharf, they were told that the boats to New Island wouldn't leave, because of the stormy weather conditions, which were caused by Mewtwo.

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Old Shore Wharf
Old Shore-bryggen*
Finland Flag.png Finnish Old Shore Wharf
Italy Flag.png Italian Old Shore Wharf
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Old Shore-bryggen
Old Shore Wharf*
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Old Wharf

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