サニータウン Sunny Town
Region Kanto
Debut The Bridge Bike Gang

Sunnytown (Japanese: サニータウン Sunny Town) is an anime-exclusive location at the end of the Cycling Road in Kanto. It appeared in The Bridge Bike Gang.

Ash and his friends tried to cross the bridge as a shortcut to Sunnytown but were stopped because Bicycles are needed to travel across the bridge as the footpath was not yet completed. Later, Nurse Joy asked the group to deliver medicine to Sunnytown's Pokémon Center to save a sick Shellder. She also lent the group some bikes for the crossing.

Ash and his friends soon encountered into a bicycle gang led by Chopper and Tyra, who were stopping them from crossing. Team Rocket's Jessie and James arrived, revealing that they once were bicycle gang members, and ordered Chopper and the others to attack the group. However, the bicycle gang learned that Ash and his friends were on their way to help a sick Pokémon, so they helped the group cross the bridge to save Shellder and deliver the medicine in time.

In other languages

Language Title
  Danish Sunnytown
  French Soleilville
  German Sunny Town
  Italian Sunny Town
  Norwegian Sunnytown
Byen Sunny*
  Polish Miasto Słońca
  Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Sunny
  Swedish Sunnystaden

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