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Sable City
サビシティ Sabi City
Sable City.png
Sable City
Region Kanto
Debut The Ole' Berate and Switch

Sable City (Japanese: サビシティ Sabi City) is a small anime-exclusive town located in Kanto, very close to Pewter City. It was featured in The Ole' Berate and Switch!.

Ash and his friends passed by this city on their way to Pewter City and the Battle Pyramid.

Places of interest

One-day Pokémon Battle Tournament

The setting for the tournament

In The Ole' Berate and Switch!, Sable City held a one-day Pokémon Tournament, in which Ash entered to train for his upcoming battle with Pyramid King Brandon. Many people from the city entered the event to battle their Pokémon. However, it was actually a scheme by Butch and Cassidy to steal the small city's Pokémon and give them to the Boss.

The One-day Pokémon Battle Tournament was held in a big stadium with state-of-the-art Pokémon healing center. Ash participated with his Corphish, who helped him win against Howie and Oriba. This is also the place where Team Rocket get back together.

Pokémon seen in Sable City

Howie Pinsir.png
Oriba Marowak.png
Sable City Pidgeotto Ponyta.png
Sable City Pidgeotto Ponyta.png
Sable City Rhydon.png
Ledian Comet Punch.png
Sable City Hitmontop.png

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