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Scissor Street
シザーストリート Scissor Street
Scissor Street.png
Scissor Street
Region Kanto
Debut Pokémon Fashion Flash

Scissor Street (Japanese: シザーストリート Scissor Street) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. It was featured in Pokémon Fashion Flash.

Also known as Breeder's Lane, Scissor Street is populated with many different salons for improving both a Pokémon's appearance and its inner strength. Suzie used to work on Scissor Street with her Vulpix. She believed that a Pokémon's beauty comes from inside, and her salon was dedicated to making Pokémon feel fit as opposed to looking beautiful.

Team Rocket also had a temporary shop set up. Known as Salon Roquet, they believed only a Pokémon's appearance was important, and they would cover their clients with as much makeup and jewelry as possible. But after Suzie's Vulpix defeated Team Rocket with Fire Spin despite not being "beautiful" appearance-wise, the town agreed with her.

Pokémon seen in Scissor Street


  • The official American Pokémon website lists this street as a town called Caesar Street.

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Scissor Street
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Scissor Street
Finland Flag.png Finnish Saksikatu
France Flag.png French Route de ciseaux
Germany Flag.png German Scherenstraße
Italy Flag.png Italian Scissor Street
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Scissor Street
Poland Flag.png Polish Ulica Nożyczkowa
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Calle Tijeras
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Saxgatan

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