Pokémon Theme Park

If you were looking for the real-life theme park or the video games, see PokéPark.
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Pokémon Theme Park
ポケモン広場 Pokémon Plaza
Pokemon Theme Park.png
Pokémon Theme Park
Region Kanto
Debut Pikachu's Vacation

The Pokémon Theme Park (Japanese: ポケモン広場 Pokémon Plaza) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. It appeared in Pikachu's Vacation.

It is a large playground where Trainers can leave their Pokémon. It has various forms of play-equipment, including a swing set, a climbing frame, a swimming pool and various other leisure activities for Pokémon to participate in. All of Ash's, Misty's, and Brock's Pokémon were let out to explore the area. Four notable wild Pokémon appear here, a Raichu, a Snubbull, a Marill and a Cubone.

Pokémon seen in the Pokémon Theme Park

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