Bill's Lighthouse

Bill's Lighthouse
マサキのとうだい Masaki's Lighthouse
Bill Lighthouse.png
Bill's Lighthouse
Region Kanto
Debut Mystery at the Lighthouse

Bill's Lighthouse (Japanese: マサキのとうだい Masaki's Lighthouse) is an anime-exclusive location that appeared in Mystery at the Lighthouse. It is the anime counterpart of Bill's Sea Cottage, and like its counterpart, it appears to be somewhere near Cerulean City.

Ash and his friends first stumbled across the lighthouse after Ash ran towards the beach and caught his Krabby. Krabby's Poké Ball unexpectedly disappeared. When Brock explained that Krabby had been to Professor Oak's Laboratory, Ash immediately wanted to call Oak to see if Krabby made it safely. Spotting the lighthouse, the group decided to trek there.

They discovered the resident lightkeeper, Bill, who told them about the countless Pokémon in the world. He also mentioned his encounter with a mysterious Pokémon that he had been tracking for quite some time. That night it moved closer to the lighthouse, its identity was revealed to be a giant Dragonite.

However, Team Rocket decided to drive it off because it was coming closer to the place they were climbing up and thus potentially crush them as they intended to sneak into the lighthouse. In attempting to do so, they ended up being blasted off, part of the lighthouse was damaged, and the giant Dragonite swam away from the lighthouse. Bill was disappointed about not being able to discover more about the Pokémon, he was very excited that he had been able to see it, and told the group to be on the lookout for more undiscovered Pokémon.

Pokémon seen near Bill's Lighthouse

Dragonite (giant)

Caught Pokémon

Ash's Krabby

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 正輝的燈塔 Jingfāi-dīk Dāngtaap
Mandarin 正輝的燈塔 / 正辉的灯塔 Zhènghuī-de Dēngtǎ
  Finnish Billin majakka
  German Bills Leuchtturm
  Italian Faro di Bill
  Polish Latarnia Billa
  Swedish Bills fyr

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