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Team Rocket Academy
ロケット団特別訓練所 Team Rocket Special Training Center
Team Rocket Academy.png
Team Rocket Academy
Region Kanto
Debut Training Daze

The Team Rocket Academy (Japanese: ロケット団特別訓練所 Team Rocket Special Training Center) is an anime-exclusive location likely in Kanto. It was featured in Training Daze. The academy is place where people train to become members of Team Rocket. They undergo training and develop skills such as stealthy stealing, tracking and capturing Pokémon. The campus is a large building containing training rooms, shower rooms, bedrooms, and a nursery. The head of the Team Rocket Academy is Giovanni, while the Drill Sergeant is Viper.

The Team Rocket Academy is where Jessie, James and Meowth were grouped together and became official members of Team Rocket and partners, while their rivals, Butch, Cassidy, and Raticate were also grouped together and became official members of Team Rocket.

Team Rocket's Noodle Bar outside the Academy

In A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!, James used his training at Team Rocket Academy, prior to being partnered with Jessie, as motivation to work as hard as possible.

In a flashback in Noodles! Roamin' Off!, Christopher was training for Team Rocket, with little success. Jessie and James bought him a bowl of ramen noodles at a noodle bar to cheer him up, and that motivated him to leave Team Rocket and start a noodle restaurant.

Pokémon seen in Team Rocket Academy

Team Rocket Academy Gastly.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Various.png
Team Rocket Academy Growlithe Arcanine.png
Team Rocket Academy Growlithe Arcanine.png

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