HopHopHop Town

HopHopHop Town
ヨヨヨタウン YoYoYo Town
Hop Hop Hop Town.png
HopHopHop Town
Region Kanto
Debut Hypno's Naptime

HopHopHop Town (Japanese: ヨヨヨタウン YoYoYo Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Kanto region. It is a suburb located close to Celadon City.

Bearing a closer resemblance to a city, the urban town is made up mostly of large buildings and skyscrapers. It is shown to have a large Pokémon Center. Despite the lack of greenery around the streets, a blooming garden is located on top of one of the enormous skyscrapers inhabited by a Drowzee and Hypno. A very similar garden would later appear in Curbing the Crimson Tide, although no references were made to link the two areas.

HopHopHop Town was featured in Hypno's Naptime. Ash and his friends learned that several children had gone missing in the city, and several Pokémon were suffering from fatigue. With the help of Officer Jenny, they were able to discover the source of the problem; a group of people suffering from insomnia were using a Hypno to help them fall asleep. After Misty was hypnotized by it, she ran into a park thinking she was a Seel, where all the missing children were discovered, thinking they were Pokémon. Using Drowzee, the children were cured and sent home to their parents.

In addition, HopHopHop Town is where Misty caught her Psyduck. Brock promised Nurse Joy he would take care of it, but changed his mind after seeing it. Psyduck caught itself inside a Poké Ball that Misty accidentally dropped, making it hers.

Places of interest

Pokémon Lover's Club

HopHopHop Town is home to the Pokémon Lover's Club. Members reportedly all suffer from insomnia, but through the use of a Pokémon, they overcame their symptoms.

Pokémon seen in HopHopHop Town

Drowzee → Hypno

Caught Pokémon

Misty's Psyduck


  • The skyscraper with a mansion at its top where the Pokémon Lover's Club met in HopHopHop Town is similar to the skyscraper with a mansion on its top where Luna lives in Commerce City. Both cities are located in the Kanto region.[1]

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 唷唷唷喔區 / 唷唷唷喔区 YōyōyōWō qū
哎呀呀街 āiyaya Jiē
哎呀呀鎮 / 哎呀呀镇 āiyaya Zhèn
  German Hop-Hop-Hop Town
  Italian HopHopHop Town
  Polish Miasto HopHopHop
  Swedish HopHopHop-staden


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