Silver Town (Kanto)

Silver Town
ジルバタウン Jitterbug Town
Silver Town Kanto.png
Silver Town
Region Kanto
Debut Weekend Warrior

Silver Town (Japanese: ジルバタウン Jitterbug Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. It is located between Saffron City and Lavender Town. Like many other towns in the region, it is home to a Contest Hall, attracting several Pokémon Coordinators who wish to enter the Kanto Grand Festival.

A poster for the town's Pokémon Contest showing the Silver Ribbon

It is a town surrounded by mountains and forests. It can be assumed that the forests around Silver Town do not have many Berries because Team Rocket spent an entire day searching for ingredients to make Pokéblocks but left town empty handed. Ash and his friends arrived there in Weekend Warrior, in which May discovered that a Pokémon Contest was scheduled to take place soon and decided to enter in order to obtain the coveted Silver Ribbon.

During the event, when Lilian was introducing the contestants to the audience, a salaryman called Jeremy burst through the doors and hurried to the stage. Although he was a little late, he was still allowed to compete. In the Performance Stage, May commanded Squirtle to use Bubble, which resulted in one large bubble in the middle of several smaller ones. Squirtle then used Ice Beam to pop the small bubbles and make an ice sculpture out of the big one.

Later, it was Jeremy's turn to appeal, and he entered the stage wearing a rocker outfit and playing the guitar. He sent out his Butterfree, who used a combination of Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. He then told it to use Safeguard, and at that moment his wife Mandy and his son Nicholas appeared, interrupting his performance to convince him to go home.

However, Jeremy did not want to give up, as he had been planning to enter a Pokémon Contest for a long time, spending hours training his Pokémon. After May encouraged him, he told his family how important Contests are to him, and decided to stay. Upon seeing that, the Chief of the Contest Committee, Raoul Contesta, told him to finish his performance, and when the results were announced by Lilian, Jeremy was among the Coordinators moving on to the Battle Stage.

There, May and Jeremy faced off in the finals, with May using her Combusken and Jeremy using his Venusaur. The two had a hard-fought battle, which ended after Combusken hit Venusaur with Sky Uppercut, rendering it unable to battle and prompting the Contest Judges to rule Battle Off for Venusaur. As a result, May was declared the winner, earning her second Kanto Ribbon.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジルバタウン Jitterbug Town From jitterbug, a swing dance which frequently incorporates acrobatic style swing steps
English Silver Town Corruption of its Japanese name
French Villedargent From ville (town) and argent (silver)
German Silber City From Silber, silver
Italian Città d'Argento From argento, silver
Spanish Pueblo Plata From plata, silver
Korean 지르박마을 Jireubak Maeul From 지르박 jireubak, jitterbug
Chinese (Mandarin) 吉魯巴鎮 Jílǔbā Zhèn Transliteration of its Japanese name

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