Pokémon Activities Committee

The Pokémon Activities Committee, occasionally referred to as Contest Committee, is an anime-exclusive organization and the governing body for Pokémon Contests. It was first mentioned in All Things Bright and Beautifly! and it has been referenced in a number of episodes with Contests since then.

Raoul Contesta serves as Chief of the Pokémon Activities Committee

It is presided by Raoul Contesta and its functions are similar to those of the Pokémon League, which regulates Pokémon Gyms and organizes the regional Pokémon League Conferences for registered Trainers.


The mission of the Pokémon Activities Committee is to organize and coordinate Pokémon Contests and Grand Festival tournaments all over the Pokémon world. Its events and activities are held in the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova regions and are intended to showcase the style and skill of Pokémon through visually impressive performances and battles. Additionally, the committee is in charge of establishing and enforcing the rules regarding Pokémon Contests and related events.

Aside from regular Pokémon Contests, the organization also holds the annual Wallace Cup competition in association with Contest Master Wallace. The Wallace Cup is a special tournament whose prize, the coveted Aqua Ribbon, can be used to enter the Grand Festival of any region. It takes place in a different location each time and it has Wallace serving as its main promoter and as one of the judges.

The Pokémon Contest Grand Festival Planning Committee, a branch of the organization responsible for drawing up plans for the Grand Festival, was mentioned during a news report in Fighting Ire with Fire!. Members of the committee include Mr. Contesta, fellow judge Mr. Sukizo, and master of ceremonies Marian.

Since their inception, the Pokémon competitions organized by the Pokémon Activities Committee have become increasingly popular, attracting a large number of fans to Contest Halls and being broadcast live on television. These events have also been credited for introducing a new form of communication between people and their Pokémon.

The Ribbon Cup, a trophy made of pure gold, which is given along with the title of Top Coordinator to the winner of the Grand Festival, has the official seal of the Contest Committee in its interior. As revealed in The Ribbon Cup Caper, the intent behind this is to easily set apart an actual Ribbon Cup from a fake one.

Due to his position as Chief of the Pokémon Activities Committee, Mr. Contesta serves as the Head Judge for Pokémon Contests and all related events. He is usually the first one to comment on a Pokémon's performance and battle skills, as well as the one to hand out the prize Ribbon to the winning Pokémon Coordinator.


In other languages

Language Title
  French Comité des Activités Pokémon
  Italian Commissione Attività Pokémon
  Norwegian Pokémon Aktiviteter Komiteen
  Polish Komitet Aktywnego Pokémona
  Brazilian Portuguese Comitê de Atividades Pokémon
  Spanish Comité de Actividades Pokémon

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