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Xanadu Nursery
ムラサメ植物園 Murasame Botanical Garden
Xanadu Nursery.png
Xanadu Nursery
Region Kanto
Debut Make Room for Gloom

The Xanadu Nursery (Japanese: ムラサメ植物園 Murasame Botanical Garden) is an anime-exclusive location found in the Kanto region. It is located near Pallet Town.

The nursery is a large greenhouse that is home to various flowers and plants. Among them is a flower that contains Stun Spore. Two of the nursery's employees are Florinda Showers and Potter. Along with Florinda's Gloom, they help to make sure the operations at Xanadu run smoothly.

While training for the Pokémon League in Make Room for Gloom, Ash's mom requested that her son help her run some errands and visit the nursery. Ash and his friends took off, not wanting to help with Delia's plans. Eventually, they ended up at the very place she requested them to be.

Ash told the others that he used to visit the Xanadu Nursery when he was younger, but hadn't visited it in a while.


Name origin

Kublai Khan's summer capital, both the real life version and the fictional version found in the poem Kubla Khan, were both named Xanadu; both were known for their vast and beautiful gardens.

In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Xanadun taimitarha
Germany Flag.png German Xanadu-Gärtnerei
Italy Flag.png Italian Vivaio Xanadu
Poland Flag.png Polish Szkółka Xanadu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hibernadero Xanadu
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Xanadu plantskola

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