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Wisteria Town
モダマタウン Modama Town
Wisteria Town.png
Wisteria Town
Region Kanto
Debut Harley Rides Again

Wisteria Town (Japanese: モダマタウン Modama Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Potpourri Island in Kanto. Like many other towns in the region, it is home to a Contest Hall. It was first mentioned in Off the Unbeaten Path, when Nurse Joy told May that a Pokémon Contest was scheduled to take place there.

In the next episode, Ash and his friends arrived in Wisteria Town so that May could compete for her third Ribbon. She trained her Munchlax for the battles as she wanted to use Squirtle in the appeals. Harley arrived and revealed that he also had entered the Wisteria Contest and was planning on winning.

Harley holding the Wisteria Ribbon

In the Performance Stage, May was the first contestant to perform and sent out her Squirtle. It managed to perform very well, dazzling the Contest Judges and audience members. After the other Pokémon got to perform, Harley entered the stage with Ariados and put on a scary appeal which shivered the audience. When Lilian announced the results, it was revealed that May and Harley had secured themselves a place among the eight Coordinators moving on to the Contest Battles. They made their way to the final round, where they faced off for the coveted Wisteria Ribbon.

During their match, Harley used his Octillery. It went up against Munchlax and scored an early advantage by stopping Munchlax from using moves that would require charging up. Munchlax surprised them with Metronome which stalled Octillery long enough to suffer damage. Octillery rested up however and was fully healed. Harley and Octillery were victorious in the end after the latter woke up and finished Munchlax off with Octazooka. This victory gave Harley his fourth Kanto Ribbon.


Contest Hall
Exterior Interior
Wisteria Contest Hall.png Wisteria Contest Hall interior.png

Pokémon seen in Wisteria Town


Language Name Origin
Japanese モダマタウン Modama Town From 藻玉 modama, St. Thomas bean
English, German Wisteria Town From Wisteria, a genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae
French Wysteriaville From its English name
Italian Città del Glicine From glicine, wisteria
Spanish Pueblo Wisteria From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Wisteria From its English name
Korean 자이빈마을 Jaibin Maeul Possibly a contraction of giant bean
Chinese (Mandarin) 藻玉鎮 Zǎoyù Zhèn From 藻玉 Modama

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