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Fennel Valley
フェンネル谷 Fennel Valley
Fennel Valley.png
Fennel Valley
Region Kanto
Debut Overjoyed!

Fennel Valley (Japanese: フェンネル谷 Fennel Valley) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto that first appeared in Overjoyed!.

It was visited by Ash and his friends because it is the second location of the Battle Pyramid, which Ash has to battle to obtain the Brave Symbol. He lost to Brandon but kept training in the valley until Gathering the Gang of Four!, where Ash challenged Brandon again and finally won his final Symbol.

There is a very luxurious Pokémon Center with a fitness studio, hot springs, battle fields, and even a Contest Hall. The Nurse Joy of the Pokémon Center is a fan of both Pokémon battles and Pokémon Contests. She was also a former Pokémon Trainer. Due to this, she had a battle with Ash in one of the Pokémon Center's battle fields. She was able to defeat Ash and his Corphish. After the battle, she automatically took care of Corphish.

In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, May and Drew had a two-on-two Contest Battle in the Pokémon Center's Contest Hall, with May using her Combusken and Beautifly against Drew's Roselia and Butterfree. The battle was judged by Professor Oak and Scott while Nurse Joy served as the announcer. Drew emerged victorious after May's Pokémon were knocked out.

Pokémon seen in Fennel Valley

Brandon Registeel.png
Fennel Valley Ampharos Bellsprout Tyranitar.png
Fennel Valley Ampharos Bellsprout Tyranitar.png
Fennel Valley Ampharos Bellsprout Tyranitar.png
Fennel Valley Diglett.png
Diglett (×3)
Fennel Valley Electrode.png
Fennel Valley Gloom.png
Matt Bagon.png
Matt Larvitar.png
Matt Whismur.png
Matt Makuhita.png
Matt Wooper Seedot.png
Matt Wooper Seedot.png
Matt Swinub.png
Fennel Valley Butterfree.png
Butterfree (multiple)
Fennel Valley Fearow.png
Fennel Valley Carvanha.png
Carvanha (multiple)
Brandon Dusclops.png
Brandon Ninjask.png
Brandon Solrock.png
Brandon Regice.png

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