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Potpourri Island
ポプリ島 Potpourri Island
Potpourri Island.png
Potpourri Island
Region Kanto
Debut Off the Unbeaten Path

Potpourri Island (Japanese: ポプリ島 Potpourri Island) is an anime-exclusive location south of the Kanto mainland. It is accessible by boat from Fuchsia City. There is a town on one side of the island, called Wisteria Town.


In the anime

Potpourri Island's map

Following Ash's Battle Pike victory, the group arrived on Potpourri Island in Off the Unbeaten Path. The group and Team Rocket participated in the annual Pokémon Orienteering event alongside one of their Pokémon in a race to find stamps at five checkpoints accross the island. James and Mime Jr. managed to win the competition and earn the large food prize, which he gave away to Ash and friends for saving the Pokémon Center Nursery's Pokémon from Jessie and Meowth's clutches.

In the next episode, Ash and his friends traveled to the other side of the island in order to reach Wisteria Town, where a Pokémon Contest was going to take place. May, her rival Harley, and several other Coordinators entered the event hoping to win the coveted Wisteria Ribbon. May and Harley were pitched against one another in the final round, and Harley managed to defeat her Munchlax using his Octillery, thus winning the competition and earning his fourth Kanto Ribbon.


Cities and towns

Areas of interest

  • Lunatone Rock
  • Rainbow Falls


Pokémon Center & Nursery Lunatone Rock Rainbow Falls Wisteria Town
Potpourri Island Pokémon Center.png Lunatone Rock.png Rainbow Falls.png Wisteria Town.png

Pokémon seen on Potpourri Island


Name origin

A potpourri is a mixture of dried plants, usually ones that are associated with pleasant fragrances. They are commonly used as air fresheners for domestic purposes.

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