Maiden's Peak

Maiden's Peak
乙女ヶ崎 Maiden's Cape
Maidens Peak.png
Maiden's Peak
Region Kanto
Debut The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

Maiden's Peak (Japanese: 乙女ヶ崎 Maiden's Cape) is a haunted, anime-exclusive location in Kanto. Ash and his friends visited it in The Ghost of Maiden's Peak. It is located somewhere near Saffron City.

Two thousand years ago, a war was taking place and soldiers were being shipped overseas from Kanto to the battlefield. A maiden was in love with one of the soldiers who was sent to war, and she swore to wait on the cliff until her love returned, but he never did. According to legend, she died while standing there, and her body became a part of the cliff itself.

Her petrified body became a monument, and the location was named after the legend. Her spirit still haunts the area with the help of a clever, talking Gastly, who preserves her legend every year during the Summer Festival by haunting the peak.

In present times, a festival is held there at the end of the summer. Visitors honor the statue of the maiden, and at the end of the festival, people will release small boats with paper lanterns into the water. These boats are meant to help spirits find their way home, in hopes that the spirit of the maiden's lover will one day be returned to her.

Pokémon seen near Maiden's Peak


In other languages

Language Title
  Czech Dívčí útes
  Danish Ungmøens Klint
  Dutch Maiden's Peak
  Finnish Neidonkallio*
  Hindi मेडेन'स पीक*
मेडेन पीक*
  Italian Promontorio della Fanciulla
  Norwegian Maiden's Peak
  Polish Dziewiczy Góra
Portuguese   Brazil Pico da Donzela
  Portugal Pico da Donzela
  Russian Девичий скала Devichiy skala
  Serbian Девојчиног врх Devojčinog vrh
Spanish   Latin America Pico de la Doncella
  Spain Maiden's Peak
  Swedish Maiden's Peak
  Turkish Kız Tepe
  Ukrainian Дівочой Скеля Divochoy Skelya

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