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Mulberry City
カジノキシティ Kajinoki City
Mulberry City.png
Mulberry City
Region Kanto
Debut New Plot, Odd Lot!

Mulberry City (Japanese: カジノキシティ Kajinoki City) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto. It is located between Tohjo Falls and Pewter City. Like many other cities in the region, it has a Contest Hall, making it a popular destination among Pokémon Coordinators.

The Mulberry Ribbon

It was first mentioned in All That Glitters is not Golden!, in which May learned that a Pokémon Contest was scheduled to take place there after seeing a poster advertising it on a restaurant. In New Plot, Odd Lot!, Ash and his friends arrived in Mulberry City.

The Mulberry Contest was the last one before the start of the Kanto Grand Festival, so many of the contestants were competing for their fifth Ribbon, including May. Harley, due to having five Ribbons already, decided to help Team Rocket defeat May by lending his Cacturne and Banette to Jessie, who entered as "Jessebella".

In the Appeals Round, May used her Combusken while Jessebella used Cacturne. The two managed to deliver performances that impressed the Contest Judges, thus advancing to the Battle Stage, which took place in Going for Choke!. They were able to defeat their opponents to reach the final round, where they battled one another. At the end of the five-minute time limit, the two had the same amount of points, and the battle had to go into sudden-death overtime. Eventually, May defeated Jessebella and earned her fifth Ribbon, thus qualifying for the Grand Festival.

During the competition, James and Meowth trapped Ash, Max, and Brock in a box, but they were freed by Drew and his Flygon.



Language Name Origin
Japanese カジノキシティ Kajinoki City From 梶の木 kajinoki, paper mulberry
English, German Mulberry City From paper mulberry or mulberry
French Mûreville From mûrier, mulberry
Italian Città delle More From more, mulberry
Spanish Ciudad Mora*
Ciudad Mulberry*
From mora, mulberry
From its English name
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Mulberry From its English name
Korean 꾸지마을 Kkuji Maeul From 꾸지나무 kkujinamu, paper mulberry
Chinese (Mandarin) 構木鎮 Gòumù Zhèn From 構樹 gòushù, paper mulberry

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