Florinda Showers

Florinda Showers (Japanese: リンドウ・ムラサメ Lindow Murasame) is a character of the day who appeared in Make Room for Gloom, as well as in The Electric Tale of Pikachu.


In the anime

Florinda owns the Xanadu Nursery, after inheriting it from her parents. She takes care of the plants there, and gives them her utmost attention and care. She is also an expert on plants of the Pokémon world, and those with special properties that can affect Pokémon. She cares very much for her plants, declaring that they are like "children" to her, and cares as much for her Gloom. Since she runs the Nursery for her parents, she feels that they expect a lot from her, thus giving her a few confidence issues. She is very sweet and gentle, but too self-pitying. Her employee is Potter, who she has a crush on and who has a crush on her, though both are unaware of each other's feelings.

Her confidence issues seem to have begun when she tried using a Leaf Stone on her Gloom. She thought that even with the Evolution Stone, she was not able to evolve her Gloom because of not training it properly enough, although she already helped it develop an antidote for some of the plants that exist in the garden. She reciprocated these confidence issues with her running the nursery. She later discovered that the Leaf Stone she used was fake, upon close scrutiny by Brock, who had become smitten with her. They then realized that it was Team Rocket's doing, though Florinda blamed herself for being so gullible, even calling herself useless.

She had trained her Gloom well enough and thoroughly properly, though, and she realized her potential when Team Rocket stole Ash's Pikachu and paralyzed everyone except for her and her Gloom with Stun Stem, a plant located in the nursery. With some encouragement from Brock, Florinda gathered the confidence she needed to defeat Team Rocket and save Pikachu. Afterwards, she learns of Potter's feelings for her and reciprocates them, much to Brock's dismay.


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Florinda Showers' Gloom lived at the Xanadu Nursery. It first appeared when Brock thought he saw a beautiful woman, though all Ash saw was Gloom. It later appeared when Ash's Bulbasaur sniffed "Stun Stem", paralyzing it. Since Gloom had already developed an immunity to the plant, it helped Bulbasaur to the treatment room. In the end, Bulbasaur recovered with the help of a liquid in Gloom's flower. It was revealed that its owner wanted to evolve it with a Leaf Stone, but it did not work; the Leaf Stone turned out to be fake.

When Team Rocket attacked, using a powder made from the Stun Stem to stop the group, Florinda and Gloom were the only ones unaffected. Gloom confronted Team Rocket as they sent out Arbok and Weezing. Gloom initially couldn't see anything from the smoke Weezing caused, but it used Double Team to confuse them. It then finished them off with a Solar Beam, sending them blasting off.

It reappeared in a flashback in Bulbasaur... the Ambassador!.

Gloom's known moves are Double Team and Solar Beam.

Debut Make Room for Gloom
Voice actors
Japanese Kaori Tsuji
English Kayzie Rogers

In the manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Florinda in The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Florinda appears in Days of Gloom and Glory. Her family lived in a house for many generations until it sank into the sea. Similarly to the anime, she was tricked by Team Rocket into buying Leaf Stones. Potter would go to such lengths as to dive into the sea to retrieve her things. She finds an abandoned baby Meowth and adopts it. Eventually Team Rocket come back to steal all of her Gloom, but she commands them to all use Solar Beam, which sends Team Rocket blasting off.


Gloom (multiple)
Florinda has multiple Gloom that she uses for herbal medicines.

Gloom's known moves are Stun Spore and Solar Beam.

Debut Days of Gloom and Glory
Florinda adopted this Meowth when it was abandoned.

None of Meowth's moves are known.

Debut Days of Gloom and Glory

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 岡村明美 Akemi Okamura
English Amy Birnbaum
Czech Jolana Smyčková
Finnish Elise Langenoja
European French Delphine Moriau
Hebrew דון לני-גבאי Dawn Lanny-Gabay
Italian Elisabetta Spinelli
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Anna Dąbkowska
Brazilian Portuguese Daniella Piquet
European Spanish Ana María Marí


  • In the anime, both of her Gloom's moves are TMs (TM32 and TM22), and Florinda notes that she taught it Solar Beam after seeing the move in a magazine.


Language Name Origin
Japanese リンドウ・ムラサメ Lindow Murasame From 竜胆 rindō (gentian) or 林道 rindō (forest path) and 村雨 murasame (passing shower)
English, Italian Florinda Showers From flora and shower
French, German, Spanish Florinda Same as English name
Chinese (Mandarin) 林子 Línzi From 林子 línzi, grove

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