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Mahri (Japanese: マリー Marie) is a character of the day who appeared in Misty Meets her Match. She also appeared in The Electric Tale of Pikachu. She is Rudy's younger sister, and she lives with him on Trovita Island.


In the anime

Misty and her Staryu saved Mahri when she got caught in a whirlpool with her Seel. After that, she began idolizing Misty and wanted her to fall in love with Rudy.

Mahri ended up getting disappointed by Misty during Ash's battle with Rudy. Instead of supporting her brother, Misty cheered for Ash. Despite this, and Ash's victory, Mahri still told Misty that if she changed her mind, she would still be welcomed on Trovita Island.


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This listing is of Mahri's known Pokémon:

Mahri's Seel made a brief appearance when she and Seel were caught in a whirlpool. Misty helped them with her Staryu and brought them back to shore.

None of Seel's moves are known.

Debut Misty Meets Her Match
Voice actors
English Michael Haigney

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese かないみか Mika Kanai
English Kayzie Rogers
Hindi सोनल कौशल Sonal Kaushal (Hungama dub)
Italian Laura Brambilla
Norwegian Lena Meieran
Polish Magda Ostolska
Brazilian Portuguese Fátima Noya
Spanish Latin America Lupita Leal
Spain Sandra Jara

In the manga

The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Mahri appeared in The Electric Tale of Pikachu as she did in the anime. However, she was shown to have a Dewgong instead of a Seel. When she and Dewgong were caught in a whirlpool, Ash was able to save them with Fearow's help. Despite Ash's heroic actions, Mahri looked up to Misty instead. She was then revealed to be the younger sister of Rudy, the leader of the Orange Islands. After Ash defeated Rudy, Mahri was sad to see Misty leave. Rudy cheers her up by crossdressing as a girl.


Mahri's Dewgong made a brief appearance when it was caught in a whirlpool along with its Trainer. Ash was able to save them with his Fearow.
Debut You Bet Your Wife

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